Welcome to the New DocuSign Experience: Transition Portal for Administrators

This page is a resource for those who administer DocuSign, and may also help others who send signature requests, that are transitioning to the New DocuSign Experience from the Classic DocuSign Experience.

What is the New DocuSign Experience?

The New DocuSign Experience is the next generation of our user experience, combining the benefits of DocuSign's powerful platform with an intuitive interface. Learn more about the benefits of the New DocuSign Experience.

Admins Start here: New Experience transition guide 

Are you sending a request for signatures? If you send requests for signatures, start here.

We've also added a companion application for account administrators. Access the DocuSign Admin app from the account menu of the New Experience, or using the direct URL: https://admin.docusign.com/ ; for Demo accounts: https://admindemo.docusign.com/ 

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