Subscription Service Specifications

1. DESCRIPTION OF THE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE: DocuSign's on-demand electronic signature service, a secure online web service, operates substantially as set forth in these specifications. DocuSign reserves the right to change the look and feel of such Subscription Service from time to time. Any capitalized terms not defined in this document have the meaning assigned to such terms in the Terms of Use.

1.1 An Account is established by the Subscriber and at least one person is registered as an Administrative User.

1.2 An Administrative User may log in to the System and access the Account administration tools. Using these tools, the Administrative User is able to invite individuals to become Authorized Users of the Subscription Service, as well as establish usage privileges for each Authorized User.

1.3 To use the Subscription Service, each Authorized User must accept the invitation to join the Subscriber's Account, including the creation of a user ID and password. No two persons may register, access or use the Subscription Service as the same Authorized User.

1.4 Authorized Users may use the Account to transmit document images into the System via an encrypted internet connection. This action may also include transmission of information including, but not limited to: the email address of the intended recipients, the Authentication Measures for each recipient to access the documents, and the precise locations within the documents where a recipient must initial or sign the documents.

1.5 Document images and supporting information that are transmitted to the System are secured using industry standard encryption along with other industry standard security technologies and procedures.

1.6 The System then sends a notification to each intended recipient to alert the recipient that he or she has a document to review and/or sign.

1.7 Using a standard web browser, the recipient must then log in to the System, authenticate himself or herself according to the steps established by the Authorized User, and review and sign the documents.

1.8 Once the documents have been signed by all the intended recipients, all parties are notified that the transaction is complete, and the final signed documents are made available for distribution as PDF files. These PDF files may be downloaded and stored locally in electronic format, or printed for paper storage.

1.9 Transactions will be stored within the System during the Term, either in exchange for a fee or bundled with the Subscription Service. If Subscriber opts not to purchase storage, a transaction may be deleted from the System thirty (30) days from its creation (send) date regardless of its state or status.

1.10 Authorized Users may employ authentication measures to help establish identity of signers. Knowledge-based authentication is available for a fee.

2. MINIMUM SYSTEM AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS. To fully utilize the Subscription Service, Subscribers need to maintain certain minimum hardware and software requirements. These requirements include:


Browsers:  Latest stable release (except where noted) of Internet Explorer® (11.0 or above); Windows Edge; Mozilla® Firefox®,  Safari; Google Chrome®. Pre-release (e.g., beta) versions of operating systems and browsers are not supported. 

Mobile Applications: Apple iOS® 8.0 and above; Android4.0 and above; Windows 8.1 and above; Windows 10; Windows Phone 8.1.

Mobile Web Sending: Apple iOS® 6.0 and above. Android™ 2.3 or above.

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 minimum

Enabled Security Settings: Allow per session cookies. Users accessing the Internet behind a Proxy Server must enable HTTP 1.1 settings via proxy connection.



Reviewing and electronically signing documents within the Subscription Service requires the following minimum hardware and software requirements:

Browsers:   Latest stable release (except where noted) of Internet Explorer® (11.0 or above); Windows Edge; Mozilla® Firefox®,  Safari; Google Chrome®Pre-release (e.g., beta) versions of operating systems and browsers are not supported. 

Mobile Web Signing: Apple iOS® 7.0 or above. Android™ 4.0 or above.

Mobile Applications: Apple iOS® 8.0 and above; Android4.0 and above; Windows 8.1 and above; Windows 10; Windows Phone 8.1.

PDF Reader: PDF reader software may be required to view and print PDF files.

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 minimum.

Enabled Security Settings: Allow per session cookies.

These minimum requirements are subject to change from time to time and it is the Subscriber's responsibility to comply with these requirements as they change. The most current system and software requirements are available on DocuSign's public website.

Further information can be found at:

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