New Admin Transition

Welcome to the New DocuSign Admin


What is the New DocuSign Admin?

The New DocuSign Admin is a redesign of the Classic Admin application with improved usability and added features.


Why use the New DocuSign Admin?

The New Admin has an updated user interface that is simpler and more intuitive to use. Going forward new functionality will be added to the New Admin so we recommend to our users to begin using it.

How to access the New DocuSign Admin?

You can either access it from the New DocuSign Experience or from In the New DocuSign Experience, select Go to Admin under the icon dropdown in the upper right of the app.

Training Videos

The New DocuSign Experience Admin walkthrough 
The New DocuSign Experience for AdministratorsTraining webinar from September 15, 2016.


New DocuSign Admin Guides

DocuSign Administration Comparison GuideThis guide contains the following sections:
  • What’s New in DocuSign Admin Learn about new features only available in DocuSign Admin that will improve how you manage your DocuSign account.
  • Transition Best Practices: User Permissions Management Transitioning to the New DocuSign Experience requires some changes in how user permissions profiles are managed.
  • Feature By Feature Difference List A great quick reference guide to help you find features and settings from Classic in the new DocuSign Admin experience. Keep this document available as a quick reference guide for terminology and functionality changes.
  • Deprecated Features Not all Classic features are available in the New DocuSign Experience. This list addresses those items which are not included in the DocuSign Admin app.
Complete New Admin documentation

DocuSign Admin is divided into several major sections:

Note: Not all the sections described below are available to all account types. The sections shown in DocuSign Admin depend on the what type of DocuSign plan you have.

  • Accessing DocuSign Admin - Provides a short overview of the different ways to access DocuSign Admin
  • Account - Provides information on billing and usage, account profile, security settings, regional settings, and branding settings.
  • Users and Groups - Provides information on managing individual users, groups of users, and permission sets.
  • Signing and Sending - Provides information on managing the default behavior and various options for all envelopes sent from your account.
  • Integrations - Provides information on managing the Connect configurations and API integration keys for your account.
  • Auditing - Provides information on working with the audit log for the account.
  • DocuSign Part 11 Module - Provides information about the DocuSign Part 11 module, how it fits with FDA Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 11 and DocuSign Admin.

Note: If you are an Admin but have not ramped up on New DocuSign Experience then go here to access using New DocuSign Experience content for senders.