DocuSign Transaction Rooms - How to Approve an Entire Task List

How do I approve an entire Task List?

Managers, will the appropriate permissions, have the ability to approve Task Lists. Here are all the steps to follow when approving Task Lists:
  1. Find the Transaction Room that contains a Task List the needs approval.
    1. Click the ALL STATUSES drop-down in the ACTIVE area of the Transaction section and select TASK LIST SUBMITTED. This will provide a view of Transaction rooms that are awaiting your approval.
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  1. Click on the TASKS tab within the specific Transaction Room.
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  1. Click on a task labeled NEEDS REVIEW in blue.
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  1. Then click on the document within that task to review its completion.
    1. The document is found within the middle of the specific task page. Click on the document to view it.
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  1. Click the TASKS ACTION button in the upper right after reviewing the document.
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  1. Click REVIEW to approve or decline the task.
    1. If you decline the task, you are required to add a comment.
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  1. Click the X in the upper right to return to the Task List.
  2. Repeat steps 3-7 for all tasks labeled NEEDS REVIEW.
  3. For all tasks that you have APPROVED, a green checkmark will be placed over the task icon.
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  1. For tasks marked complete by the agent or assignee (these are tasks that don’t require managerial approval, you have the option to open the task to further inspect what was completed. This isn’t required.
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  1. To approve the entire Task List, click the ACTIONS button in the upper right.
    1. Select from which Task List you’d like to review if multiple Tasks Lists are added to the Transaction Room.  
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  1. Select Approve or Decline.
    1. If you decline the Task List, you are required to add a comment.
Please Note: All Task Lists need to be reviewed and approved before the entire Transaction Room can be submitted for final review. Click Here for more information on how to submit a Task List for review.

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