How do I void or cancel an envelope?

You can void an "In Process" envelope. Voiding stops recipients from viewing or signing the document. You can also void an envelope to stop email notifications to a recipient if the recipient does not want to or need to sign the envelope.


  • If you are the signer and you wish to void or cancel an envelope,  you can decline to sign to cancel the envelope.
  • Senders can only void envelopes that have not been completed.
  • After an envelope is voided, recipients can no longer view or sign it.
  • Recipients that have already signed the envelope are sent an email informing them that the envelope is voided. You can include a message stating why.

To void an envelope

  1. Find and select the In Process envelope you want to void.
  2. Click Actions and then select Void.
Cancel or Void an in process envelope.
  1. In the Void Envelope page, type the reason for voiding the envelope. This information is included in the email sent to recipients that have already signed the envelope.
  2. Click Void Envelope. You are returned to the DocuSign Web Application and the envelope status is changed to Voided.

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