How do I downgrade my account to free or close?

We're sorry to hear that you'd like to downgrade/close your account. Have you considered all available options? DocuSign has a variety of plans to choose from to fit your needs.

We can also help you with transferring to a new plan or processing a refund (on eligible plans).

Note: If you have purchased your DocuSign account subscription through iTunes or Google Play please follow the steps outlined in the following:

Downgrade to free vs Close

Downgrade to free: We generally recommend downgrading accounts to a free version. This will enable you to retain access to your existing completed documents, however it will limit your ability to send future documents.

Close: If you close your account, we recommend that you download all of your documents, as they will not be accessible after cancellation/closure.

Account Closure Requirements

  • Account Administrator
  • Certain DocuSign account plans allow you to downgrade to free or close directly from your account. If you do not see the option to Edit Plan under Go to Admin | Billing and Usage, you may need to contact your administrator, account manager or submit a support case.

Account Closure Steps

Locate your DocuSign role below, for proper steps to account closure.

Individual account – Administrator – with the option to "Edit Plan" under Go to Admin | Billing and Usage:

Only New DocuSign Experience accounts will have the option to close the account in the web application.

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with Administrator
  3. Select the Account Profile Menu | Go to Admin.
  4. Navigate to Billing and Usage and click on the Edit Plan link.
  5. Choose either:
  • MOVE TO FREE: Keep access to your documents and unlimited signing.
  • CLOSE ACCOUNT: Closing your account removes all access to your documents. You will lose access to:
    • All documents waiting for others to sign
    • All completed documents
    • All draft documents
    • All templates
    • Your custom signature
  1. Follow remaining prompts.

Note: If you cancel a pre-paid subscription, your account will be changed at the end of the subscription term. No further action is required.

Individual account – Administrator – without the option to "Edit Plan" under Go to Admin | Billing:

Submit a support case with your request for processing downgrades, account closures and refunds. Please log in with your DocuSign Administrator username and password.

The following information will be required in order to process your request:

  • DocuSign account number 
  • Account administrators email address
  • Last 4 digits of the credit card number
  • Contact phone number

Individual account - User:

Contact your DocuSign Account Administrator to close your membership.

Enterprise account - Administrator:

Contact your DocuSign Account Manager.

Enterprise account - User:

Contact your DocuSign Account Administrator to close your membership.

Important! When you sign up for a DocuSign plan, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions for Use of DocuSign Service Plans. This agreement contains important information about fees and payment terms, return of balances, and account terms and terminations. We can only process cancellations and refunds according to the terms specified there.


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