Get Started as a DocuSign eSignature Admin (part one)

Follow these quick steps to get started as a DocuSign eSignature Admin. If you are not an Admin, please refer to this article. 

Step 1

Activate your account 
Locate an email with subject line Account Activation and login. 

Watch this 2-minute tour to get a lay of the land. 

Step 2

Enroll today.
Start learning the basics of sending, signing and managing envelopes.

Step 3

Complete your first Admin tasks. 

Once you've checked off these steps, move on to part two

*Logging into DocuSign University

You can login with your DocuSign account credentials to access all DocuSign University courses. 

If you don't have a DocuSign University account, select "Register." You will receive an email when your account is activated. 

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