DocuSign for Salesforce - Adding Completed Documents to the Notes and Attachments

Below is an example of how you would configure Connect to attach completed documents to the Notes and Attachments section of an Opportunity Salesforce object:
1. Log in to DocuSign
2. Click your portrait in the upper right corner and select Go to Admin 
3. Select Connect on the left side panel, under the Integrations section
4. Click to open your Salesforce Connect Configuration
5. Scroll down and click New Object > Salesforce Object 
6. Give your new Object a Name and Description 
7. Select Salesforce Object: Opportunity 
8. Select Where - Field: Opportunity ID (id) - DocuSign Field: Envelope External Opportunity (for non-standard objects use Envelope External Source ID)
9. Check the Attach DocuSign Envelopes box. 
10. Set your desired Filename format and Contents selection, then check On Completed Envelope only
11. Optional: Check Attach DocuSign Certificate if desired. 
12. Save your new Object

When finished, your final object should look similar to the images below: 
Connect Object Config 1
Connect Object Config 2