DocuSign for Dropbox

DocuSign allows you to sign documents or request signatures on any document stored in Dropbox without ever leaving your Dropbox account. Access DocuSign in your Chrome browser in just a few easy steps.

1. Install the DocuSign Chrome Extension: Go to the DocuSign Chrome Extension listing in the Chrome Store. Click on Add to install the extension and authorize the extension to allow DocuSign to link your accounts.

2. Sign In or Create an Account: Once you've installed the extension, sign in to your existing DocuSign account or create a new account.

3. Access DocuSign in Dropbox: Right-click on any document to see a drop-down menu. Select DocuSign from the menu. A window will open up in Dropbox to allow you to start signing or requesting signatures.

Your document is automatically uploaded for you to sign or send.

4. Select Your Signers: You'll see the options to choose who is signing.

  • Select Only Me if you're the only signer that needs to sign at this time.
  • Select Me and Others or Only Others to add recipients for the document.

5. Finish and Send: Once you've finished signing or placing tags for your signers, you'll have the option to send the document if you've selected other recipients.  Closing the window will take you back to your Dropbox account and your document will be automatically saved to DocuSign. Visit anytime to view in-progress and completed documents under the Documents tab.


Where do my completed DocuSign documents get saved?

All documents you send to others or sign yourself are automatically saved to the Documents tab in DocuSign. You'll be able to access them anytime by logging into DocuSign at

How do I link to my DocuSign account?

The first time you use the Chrome Extension, you'll be prompted to sign in to your DocuSign account or create a new account. If you have an existing account, use your DocuSign email and password to sign in. If you're new to DocuSign, you can create a free account to start signing right away.

How do I log into or out of my DocuSign account with the Chrome Extension?

You'll be able to log in or switch accounts anytime by right clicking the DocuSign icon at the top right corner of your browser window. Select Options to be taken to the DocuSign sign in page.

Do I have to have to use the same email for DocuSign and Dropbox?

No, you can link any account. When you're prompted to sign in to your DocuSign account, you can use your existing DocuSign credentials. From then on, your accounts will be linked and you'll be able to sign and send with Dropbox and access any completed documents in DocuSign.

Do I have to have a paid Dropbox account to use DocuSign?

DocuSign is available to any Dropbox user - both free and paid accounts.

Can I store templates in Dropbox?

Templates aren't available on the free DocuSign plan, but with a paid account you'll be able to upload templates anytime in the DocuSign web console at You cannot set up a template with the Chrome Extension, currently only signing and requesting signatures are available.

How will I know when my document is complete?

If you've sent it to other signers, you'll be notified by email when the document is complete.

Can I use the Chrome Extension in other browsers?

No, the Chrome Extension will only work when you're in the Chrome browser. You cannot access the DocuSign Chrome Extension in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.