DocuSign eSignature Fundamentals

This series of short videos covers a range of topics on DocuSign eSignature. Videos can be viewed in any order. Bookmark the page for future reference and share the link with your team of DocuSign users! Captions and subtitles in different languages can be toggled on. 

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Video: Sign a Document with DocuSign
Learn how to sign a document with DocuSign using common fields and other signing actions. (4:36)


Video: Navigate Your DocuSign eSignature Account
Learn how to navigate the DocuSign application and where to go for help and support. (1:16)

Video: Send an Envelope with DocuSign
Learn how to send an envelope with DocuSign, including uploading documents, adding recipients, defining the workflow, customizing messaging and using standard recipient fields. (1:58)

Video: Sign Your Own Document with DocuSign
Learn how to sign your own document and send a copy to additional recipients. (1:22)

Video: Send an Envelope Using a Template
Learn how to send an envelope using a template when the document doesn't change. (3:20)

Video: Apply a Template to an Envelope
Learn how to apply a template to an envelope manually and by using template matching. (1:58)

Video: Send an Envelope Using Bulk Send
Learn how to send one document to multiple recipients at a time using Bulk Send. (3:54)

Video: Manage a DocuSign Envelope
Learn how to manage your DocuSign envelopes, including resending, correcting, voiding, creating a copy, and deleting an envelope. (5:07)


Video: Create a DocuSign Template
Learn how to create a DocuSign template for eSignature. (3:54)

Video: Edit a DocuSign Template
Learn how to edit an existing DocuSign template. (1:41)

Video: Set Template Matching Behaviors
Learn how to adjust and set the template matching behaviors for your account. (2:09)

Video: Share a DocuSign Template
Learn how to share a DocuSign template with other Users on your account. (2:20)

Video: Protect a DocuSign Template From Changes
Learn how to limit changes to templates and template fields. (3:19)

Video: Create a DocuSign PowerForm
Learn how to create and distribute a PowerForm. (4:33)