Controlling Recipient Email Notifications


As a Sender, I would like to control the email notifications that my envelope recipients receive.

Possible Cause

I do not want my recipient to be notified/emailed when one (or more) of the following envelope actions occur:
  • They have an envelope to sign.
  • An envelope they signed is complete.
  • They have been designated to receive a copy of the envelope.
  • They have been asked to acknowledge the receipt of an envelope.
  • Another recipient declined to sign the envelope.
  • An envelope sent to the recipient was voided.
  • An envelope sent to the recipient was corrected.
  • A signer reassigned an envelope to the recipient.
  • A recipients envelope is about to be purged.
  • The recipients fax was received.
  • The recipient has to approve a change on an envelope.
  • The recipient needs to provide contact information for other signers.


This is not possible. Only the recipient can control these notifications by creating a DocuSign account, logging in, and modifying their own notification settings. There are two exceptions to this rule where they will receive either NO notifications at all or notifications ONLY when an envelope is complete (depending on the account settings):

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