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Docusign Template Library

The Docusign Template Library is designed to help you start building templates. The template samples are configurable and showcase features like recipient routing order and field validation. These help reduce errors and provide the digital experience your customers expect when doing business in today's digital world. 

Review the video to learn how to use the template samples, and explore our catalog of industry-specific examples below. 

These templates are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as regulatory, legal, or privacy law compliant and should not be taken as advice on any of the specific subjects. It is understood that they are provided on an “as is,” “with all faults,” and “as available” basis without warranty of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise.

Special Collections:


Education Insurance - Auto
- Emergency Contact & Medical Waiver - Automobile Claims Inspection Report
- Field Trip Permission Slip - Proof of Automobile Insurance Verification
- Teacher IEP Input Form - Select / Reject Underinsured Motorist
  Insurance - Health
  - HIPAA - Medical Record Disclosure
Financial Services 
- Account Change Request Insurance - Life
- Joint Credit Application - Group Life Insurance Proposal
Transcript of Tax Return (4506-C) - Life Insurance Claim Form
- Signature Card  
- Wire Transfer  
- New Account Application  
  Legal Services
  - Legal Engagement Letter
General (Cross-Functional) - Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
- New Badge Request - Retainer Agreement
- Purchase Order  
- Recurring EFT Authorization  
- Sales Contract Nonprofits
- Statement of Work (SOW) - Board Meeting Notes Approval
- IRS W-8BEN-E  - Donation Request
  - Event Budget Approval Request
Healthcare & Life Sciences - Volunteer Application
- HIPAA Use / Disclosure Authorization  
- Medical Intake Form  
- Medical Records Release Public Sector
- Statement of Investigator, FDA 1572 - Certificate of Election of Coverage - SS-16
- Telemedicine Patient Consent State of Washington Forms Library
  California Standard Forms Library
  - United States Federal Forms
  State of Colorado Forms Library
Human Resources  
- COVID-19 Declaration of Symptoms Real Estate
- COVID-19 FMLA Leave Request - Inspection Contingency Addendum
- Employee Offboarding Request - Realtor Listing
- Employee Status Change Request - Residential Rental Application
- Employee Tuition Reimbursement - Seller's Property Disclosure Statement
- Employment Offer Letter  
- IRS I-9  
- IRS W-4  
- IRS W-4P   
- W-9  


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