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Resend envelopes - New DocuSign Experience
Resending an envelope sends another copy of the original email notification to all in progress signers who have yet to finish signing a document. Use the RESEND o...
Document History and Certificate of Completion - New DocuSign Experience
The History and Certificate of Completion provide a complete audit trail on your document, and include a record of all activity related to your transaction.
How Do I... - New DocuSign Experience
Looking for help with a specific task? This topic lists common tasks and provides links to the related help topics.
DocuSign Essentials - Self-study
A team with the proper training, resources and skills is critical for a pathway to success. Learning resources for the Signer, Sender and Admin roles. Short bite-...
Managing Envelopes - New DocuSign Experience
You can review document status, search for documents, and perform additional actions, such as resending or signing a document.
View Envelope and Document Details - New DocuSign Experience
You can see detailed status information for any envelope you sent for signature and any document that you signed.
Envelope Status - New DocuSign Experience
Every envelope that you create or receive through DocuSign has a status. The status indicates the current state of the envelope.
Forward a Document - New DocuSign Experience
How to forward a copy of a completed envelope to someone else.
Purge Envelopes - New DocuSign Experience
Envelope purging is a process to permanently remove documents and their field data from completed and voided envelopes after a specified retention period. Warnin...
Shared Envelopes - New DocuSign Experience
With shared envelopes, users on the same account can view and take action on the shared items.
How do I Correct or Void a completed envelope?
If you made a mistake on an envelope you sent, you can correct or cancel the request for signature.
How can I differentiate between Expired and Voided envelopes?
A guide to void/expired/declined envelopes
Managing your Envelopes in the New DocuSign Experience
Transition guide for users moving from Classic to the New DocuSign Experience. Presents key differences for managing envelopes.
Folders - New DocuSign Experience
Create folders on the Manage page to organize your sent, received, and completed envelopes.
Clone Envelopes with Create a Copy - New DocuSign Experience
Use Create a Copy to clone an envelope. Make an exact copy, with all of the same uploaded files, recipients, and signing fields.
Delete Envelopes - New DocuSign Experience
Deleting an envelope that you sent cancels any outstanding signing activities and permanently removes it from your DocuSign account.
Void (Cancel) Envelopes - New DocuSign Experience
Voiding an envelope cancels all outstanding signing activities. Once you void an envelope, recipients can no longer view or sign the documents.
Locate Envelopes - New DocuSign Experience
How to locate envelopes in your account, using search, filters, and Quick Views.
Form Data - New DocuSign Experience
You can view and download document and field data from any of your sent documents.
How do I download my completed documents from my account?
Download Completed Documents from account