Email and Passwords
I am having trouble logging in
Learn how to resolve login issues: security lockout, password reset, browser stored passwords, SSO, multiple accounts
How do I reset my password?
Forgotten your password? Need to change it? Read this...
Do password reset requests and user activation emails expire?
What are the time periods that Password Resets and Activation Emails expire?
Signature Appliance Trial - How to retrieve lost username and password?
Retrieving a lost username and password when using the Signature Appliance Trial
Activation email not received after registering for the Signature Appliance Trial
When registering for the Signature Appliance Trial, an activation email is not received.
SSO v1 - Authentication Error - Invalid e-mail address
When a new user's email domain is not on the Allowed Assertions list, they will not be allowed to assert
SSO Email Domain Change Error - There was an error changing email, please try again later
When users are attempting to change their emails they’re receiving an error “There was an error changing email, please try again later”.
Reset User Password - Classic DocuSign Experience
This function allows you to initiate a password reset for a user.