System Issues
Salesforce API Request Limit Exceeded
When a Salesforce organization has hit its API limit, the DocuSign for Salesforce plugin will not function until the count rolls over.
Account IP Address Restricted - Managing Trusted IP Addresses
Classic allows you to restrict logins by IP addresses. The New DocuSign Experience will honor these settings but not let you configure them.
eOriginal Signatures in the document are not valid
Cause and solution for eOriginal error message "Signatures in the document are not valid"
What information is needed when Contacting DocuSign Customer Support?
To optimize your Support Case handling and turn-around time, please make sure to include all relevant information in your support case.
DocuSign for Salesforce Trial Account Expiration
Trial accounts are intended for limited duration and usage, providing you sufficient time and capacity to test our joint capabilities.
Internet Explorer 10 Support - Sunset in December 2017
To provide a more robust and secure experience to our customers, the New DocuSign Experience will remove support for Internet Explorer 10 in the December 2017 ser...
DocuSign SSOv2 - Identity Provider Settings
An overview of Identity Provider configuration
Connect - Envelope Publish - If it is Missing and How to Enable
How to enable the Envelope Publish Report (CDSE) and the Publish option (NDSE) via internal admin console. Touches on custody transfer.
Why aren’t my reminder settings being honored?
Discusses how Reminder and Expiration settings are handled, and how to troubleshoot unexpected behavior after updating these settings.
How to Find Logs for Retrieve
How to find Retrieve logs and caveats associated with logging.