Looking for your documents? DocuSign is introducing the concept that envelopes are containers for documents in the New DocuSign Experience. Learn more.
How do I reset my password?
Forgotten your password? Need to change it? Read this...
Preferences - New DocuSign Experience
You can control many aspects of your account, from changing your email address and signature style, to managing your contacts list.
Classic DocuSign Experience - Administrator Options
This topic provides an introduction to the options available to account administrators.
Classic DocuSign Experience Account Administrator Reference Guide (PDF)
Information for DocuSign administrators to manage users and account settings.
DocuSign Administration Comparison Guide
A feature-by-feature comparison of the Classic Preferences with the new DocuSign Admin application.
Assigning Brands to Groups
Grant access to signing brands to groups. Control use and access to brands through groups. Users in a group can use the brands assigned to the group.
Manage Users - New DocuSign Experience
The Users view lets you manage the users on your account. You can add, edit, close, reset passwords, and modify sharing for your users. Keywords: add users; edit ...
Envelope Sharing Between Account Users - New DocuSign Experience
Envelope sharing permits users on the same account to see and take action on shared envelopes. Sharing is enabled on an individual user basis. Envelope sharing ca...
Document Retention - New DocuSign Experience
This document security option is used to set the number of days that completed, declined, and voided documents are retained. By default, documents are kept in the...
SSO - How to perform a mass-reset of Immutable IDs/NameIDs
How to fix it when you've been using an Email as a Name ID and you're ready to repent.
Download Users and Permissions Sets - New DocuSign Experience Admin
As a DocuSign administrator with User admin permissions or greater, you can download a list of the users on your account, along with their assigned permission set...
DocuSign for Salesforce - How to write a date back to Salesforce
Allowing European formatted dates to write back to a Date field in Salesforce, in the proper Date format.
Regional Settings for Admins - New DocuSign Experience
Administrators use the Regional Settings to set time zone information for an account. The time zone setting is used in Document History and the Certificate of Com...
Connect - Envelope Publish - If it is Missing and How to Enable
How to enable the Envelope Publish Report (CDSE) and the Publish option (NDSE) via internal admin console. Touches on custody transfer.