DocuSign Essentials - Self-study
A team with the proper training, resources and skills is critical for a pathway to success. Learning resources for the Signer, Sender and Admin roles. Short bite-...
Manage Users - New DocuSign Experience
The Users view lets you manage the users on your account. You can add, edit, close, reset passwords, and modify sharing for your users. Keywords: add users; add a...
How do I reset my password?
Forgotten your password? Need to change it? Read this...
Preferences - New DocuSign Experience
You can control many aspects of your account, from changing your email address and signature style, to managing your contacts list.
Classic DocuSign Experience - Administrator Options
This topic provides an introduction to the options available to account administrators.
Classic DocuSign Experience Account Administrator Reference Guide (PDF)
Information for DocuSign administrators to manage users and account settings.
Time and Date Settings - New DocuSign Experience
From your My Preferences > Regional Settings, you can view the time zone and date and time format in use for your account. The time and date settings are used to ...
Upload Users - New DocuSign Experience Admin
This topic provides information about adding users in bulk by uploading user data in a CSV.
Manage Connected Applications - New DocuSign Experience
You can connect applications to your DocuSign account to enable access to your cloud storage providers, such as Google Drive, and manage access granted to your Do...
How to temporarily access the New DocuSign Experience when your account is not set up to switch from the Classic DocuSign Experience
If you need to switch a user temporarily to the New DocuSign Experience but your account is not set up to do so, this solution will allow a temporary log in sessi...