Welcome to the New DocuSign Experience: Transition Portal for Administrators
This topic contains information to assist DocuSign administrators who are transitioning from the DocuSign Classic application to the New DocuSign Experience and m...
Notification Preferences - New DocuSign Experience
Manage your email notification preferences for control over the email communications you receive.
New DocuSign Experience Administrator Guide (PDF)
Information for DocuSign administrators to manage users and account settings. Topics include: Billing, Security, Branding, User Permissions, Reminders, Expiration...
Signing Groups Administration - New DocuSign Experience
This topic provides information about adding, editing, copying, and deleting Signing Groups in the DocuSign Admin web application.
DocuSign Essentials - Self-study
A team with the proper training, resources and skills is critical for a pathway to success. Learning resources for the Signer, Sender and Admin roles. Short bite-...
Document Visibility to Control Recipient Access - New DocuSign Experience
Control which files each recipient sees, when they sign, print, or download a document.
Preferences - New DocuSign Experience
You can control many aspects of your account, from changing your email address and signature style, to managing your contacts list.
Sending Settings - New DocuSign Experience
The Sending Settings set the default behavior for documents sent from your account.
Signing Settings - New DocuSign Experience
The Signing Settings set the default signing behavior for documents sent from your account.
Manage Users - New DocuSign Experience
The Users view lets you manage the users on your account. You can add, edit, close, reset passwords, and modify sharing for your users. Keywords: add users; add a...
Upload Users - New DocuSign Experience Admin
How to add or update users in bulk by uploading user data in a CSV.
Benefits of delegated administrator permission sets
There may be times when limited administrative permissions are needed by specific users.
Configure Brands - New DocuSign Experience
Branding offers a way to customize the DocuSign experience for both senders and recipients. Manage the brands associated with your account. Define multiple signin...
What Happens to a Users Data Once the User is Closed?
When closing a user, it will affect access to certain user data. Learn more about: Sharing Envelope, Templates, Custom Fields and Reporting
Envelope Sharing Between Account Users - New DocuSign Experience
Envelope sharing permits users on the same account to see and take action on shared envelopes. Sharing is enabled on an individual user basis. Envelope sharing ca...
Transfer Envelopes and Templates - New DocuSign Experience
As an administrator, you can manually transfer envelopes or templates between users. You can select individual items to transfer or use a csv file to transfer ite...
Classic DocuSign Experience Account Administrator Reference Guide (PDF)
Information for DocuSign administrators to manage users and account settings.
Permission Sets - New DocuSign Experience
Permission Sets are sets of permissions that can be applied to individual users, making it easier to manage permissions for a large number of users.
Groups - New DocuSign Experience
Groups are used to organize users into functional units for template sharing and other functions.
Reminders and Expirations - New DocuSign Experience
These settings are the default reminder and expiration behavior for all documents sent from your account. You can turn on reminders to send follow up emails to si...
Account Audit Logs - New DocuSign Experience
The account audit log provides an easy way for administrators to see changes to their account settings, billing information, plan type, and users.
Managing Payment Gateways
Instructions on how to use DocuSign Admin to manage payment gateways for DocuSign Payments: connect your DocuSign account to a payment gateway account and manage ...