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DocuSign Essentials - Self-study
A team with the proper training, resources and skills is critical for a pathway to success. Learning resources for the Signer, Sender and Admin roles. Short bite-...
How Do I... - New DocuSign Experience
Looking for help with a specific task? This topic lists common tasks and provides links to the related help topics.
Managing Envelopes - New DocuSign Experience
From the Documents page, you can review document status, search for documents, and perform additional actions, such as resending or signing a document.
View Envelope and Document Details - New DocuSign Experience
You can see detailed status information for any envelope you sent for signature and any document that you signed.
Resend envelopes - New DocuSign Experience
Resending an envelope sends another copy of the original email notification to all signers who have yet to finish signing a document.
How can I differentiate between Expired and Voided envelopes?
A guide to void/expired/declined envelopes
Managing your Envelopes in the New DocuSign Experience
Transition guide for users moving from Classic to the New DocuSign Experience. Presents key differences for managing envelopes.
Folders - New DocuSign Experience
Create folders on the Manage page to organize your sent, received, and completed envelopes.
Clone Envelopes with Create a Copy - New DocuSign Experience
Use Create a Copy to clone an envelope. Make an exact copy, with all of the same uploaded files, recipients, and signing fields.
Delete Envelopes - New DocuSign Experience
Deleting an envelope that you sent cancels any outstanding signing activities and permanently removes it from your DocuSign account.
Void (Cancel) Envelopes - New DocuSign Experience
Voiding an envelope cancels all outstanding signing activities. Once you void an envelope, recipients can no longer view or sign the documents.
Locate Envelopes - New DocuSign Experience
How to locate envelopes in your account, using search, filters, and Quick Views.
Form Data - New DocuSign Experience
You can view and download document and field data from any of your sent documents.
How do I download my completed documents from my account?
Download Completed Documents from account
Check the Status of Sent SharePoint Documents
This describes how to check the status of sent documents in DocuSign for SharePoint v3.0.
Forward a Document - New DocuSign Experience
How to forward a copy of a completed document to someone else.
Return or Save Documents from DocuSign for Outlook
This topic describes how to return or save signed documents from DocuSign for Outlook
View Data Changes - New DocuSign Experience
For the documents you send, data changes offers a view that highlights any information that was changed or added during signing.