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Standards-Based Signatures Combined PDF Digital Signature Missing
Digital Signature missing in Adobe Signature Panel.
How to Change Billing Details Within CoSign Cloud
Instructions on how to manually update credit card billing information within the CoSign Cloud application
Does the Signature Appliance integrate with user directory systems?
Does the Signature Appliance integrate with user directory systems?
CoSign Client Issue with SHA-2 Code Signing Support
A patch which enables SHA-2 code signing support has not been installed on the impacted computer.
CoSign Client Install Issue on Windows 10
During the installation process of CoSign Client on Windows 10, you might encounter the following error
How-to download the software that allows documents to be digitally signed locally
To sign Word and Excel documents locally on a PC, take the following steps:
Using CoSign Cloud with a proxy server
The CoSign Cloud software can be used with a SSL Proxy Server, if required. To enable, follow the instructions below.
Difference between the Signature Appliance client and the Web App
A brief overview of the differences between the Signature Appliance desktop client and the Signature Appliance Web App.
Adding or editing a graphical signature in CoSign Cloud
When digitally signing with CoSign, users are referred to a Signing Ceremony. Users can easily add a new graphical signature or edit an existing one with a few si...
Installing CoSign Cloud on multiple computers
In order to install the CoSign Cloud software on multiple workstations, follow the instructions below.
How to Sign with CoSign Cloud
View the flash demos below to learn how CoSign Cloud digital signatures can be used to digitally sign various applications.