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We have a three page document template designed to use as a rental contract.  Is it possible to have the customer name and address populate on the second page, automatically, once it is entered on the first page?

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Hi, I need to run a report of all the envelopes that have a status of failed from a bulk email I sent out. If I scroll through the list I can see them individually but I need to be ablel to select them all so i can run a report on them

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Background: We are using Docusign with Salesforce. When sending a Docusign to a recipient, Signer 1 (the sender) has their email auto-populate so that the document is sent to them - as it does automatically for Signer 2 (the recipient). For some users, this is not happening. The email field in Docusign is giving an error as "undefined". What is required is to 'Edit Recipients' and add the email address to Signer 1 manually. Does anyone know what could be causing this or how to fix it? It is only happening on some users. For everyone else, it auto-populates. Any help would be appreciated. 



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How do i send the same template document with my signature to multiple people, so that each is separate and privacy is maintained

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I am a real estate agent and have sent documents to client. He mistakenly entered his initials for both initials and signature. He is using an ipad. So when I told him to left click on the signature when signing it would not list the change option. HELP!! 

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