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Our financial institution sends DS docs out to members for e-signatures. We use the DS IDCheck feature to ensure identity but occasionally the signing event fails for the end user because they receive the error ""Unable to find your name in the public information database so you cannot access documents" and directs them back to us. At times this occurs for younger members who don't have a deep creditline history, but I don't see where to resolve this for other parties. Does this error refer at all to Credit PIN freezes? Something else? End user has to ultimately sign in person to pass identity or background checks. Thank you!

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I have a document that I need to be able to have the Signer sign or initial the document multiple times during the process, is this an option DocuSign?



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A member of our tecnical support department is working on integrating Docusign with Workday, but is having some issue.  As I am our departments Docusign, he has reached out to me with some instrutions, but I am at a point were the instrution directs me to check under my administrator portal to check the sidebar under integrations for a "Connect" link.  The instructions state that if I do not have that link, I schould should contact Docusign support, so here I am.  Would appreciate whatever assistance you can provide.

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Lets say I'm with a client right now and I want them to sign the document as of right now in the docu website. Do I still have to email it to them to let them sign or I can do is use already my phone to let them sign infront of me using my phone . 

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Je cherche une astuce pour reproduire le champ paraphe sur toutes les pages d'un document. Actuellement, je suis obligé d'insérer sur chaque page le champ paraphe en bas de page. Quand un document fait 4 pages, ça va, quand le document fait 120 pages cela devient légèrement fatiguant.

Quelqu'un aurait-il une astuce ?

Merci d'avance

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