In the SOAP API document:


There mention of a Complex Structure EmailSettings that would all me to override the ReplyEmailAddress and the ReplyEmailName but I don't see any reference to EmailSetting for Envelopes in the Docusign API created from the WSDL. Does feature exist?  Is there any way to set these overrides when creating Evelopes using the CreateEnvelopeFromTemplatesAndForms API from APEX?


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There is a quick view to see envelopes expiring soon - how can I create a custom report to filter and run?

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I have created a template in DocuSign and set signer role as "need to sign".

When I use "SignNow" functionality and change the signer role to "In Person Sign" it doesn't open the "Host in-person Sign now" window.

Ques 1 -Is it not possible to Dynamically change the predefined signer roles?

Ques 2- If no Do I need to create the same templates again n change the signer roles?

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We are having challenges with the connect configuration. Enable TLS and Require TLS options are both checked in the configuration. Here is the error.

163678 Failure Config. Error - The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. 

Its working fine if we turned of requirement for Client cert. But that is not an option for us. Please advise.

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I have a form within my contract/envelope that needs to be printed and notorized by one of the signing parties. Is it possible to replace the blank form that is already in the contract/envelope with the notorized form that I have received?  If not, is it possible to delete the blank form after I've attached the notorized form?


I know that I would need to add myself as an "action needed" recipient, but I wasn't sure about removing the blank form. 

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