when I receive a DocuSign it comes back to my deleted Hotmail account and I do not get it on my mobile 

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Andrew McBride

If it's going to your hotmal account, then your hotmail account is on the DocuSign envelope. Contact the sender of your account and have them change the email address that they are using for you.


Depending on what else is going on, you can always change the email your DocuSign account is associated with as well as change any templates that have you hard coded as a recipient.


Hope this helps.

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Is it possible to create a signing group with 600 members?  Is there a way to automate the creation of the signing group?


Could I create 600 signing groups each with two members?  Is there a way to automate the creation of 600 signing groups?

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Andrew McBride

See this FAQ. But you can have a max of 50 signing groups, each with a max of 50 members.


Hope this helps.

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Sent a Docusign for 3 signers one signed how would I pull up the letter showing the one signer?

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Andrew McBride

Go into DocuSign. 

Go to the Manage Tab

Go to your Sent Folder

Find the envelope in Question (using Search/filter if needed)

Double click the envelope - from there you can open and view and download if needed

Keep in mind that if the envelope is not yet complete, any document downloaded witll retain the "In Process" watermark across it.


Hope this helps

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I understand how to restrict visibility to certain documents contained in an Envelope to certain people.

However, let's say I want to have somebody externally receive a copy of the signed documents but ONLY the documents THEY have signed and not any other internal document intended for internal viewing only.

By default, I don't believe that's possible and they receive the full envelope which I don't want.

Any guidance on achieving this would be appreciated.

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Andrew McBride

The current version of Document Visbility allows for you to update which documents a CC recipient can see as if they were a signing recipient. That seems to be what you're asking. Simply follow the instructions on the linked page regarding "How to set Document visibility for an envelope".


Hope this helps.

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We are sending multiple documents in an envelope, each of which require approval signatures.  If a signer declines to sign one document, but approves the other ones, does that cancel the entire envelope?   

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Ryan Schoepp

Short answer is yes.  An Envelope can be a bundle of documents, so you are essentially declining the "Bundle" when you cancel the document.

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