Currently the failed notification email that gets sent out to the receiver when the access code has been entered invalid more than 3 times has verbiage on the bottom that is generated by DocuSign and includes an "envelope ID" number that the member can use to enter into a DocuSign account (if the member is already signed up for one". Along with this email notification, we have included our orgs own verbiage stating the requirements of the access code however our members are thinking that the "envelope ID" number shown on the bottom of the email is the access code. Is there a way that the verbiage can me modified?

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NA1 Feynman

Yes.  If you have branding and resource files for your account, you can modify the content of most emails by editing the email resource file.  In this file, search for some text that appears in the email (the more specific, the better) to locate the right email resource to edit.

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I use docusign almost daily with clients that need to sign contracts. They almost never create an account. And occasionally someone messes up their signature, (maybe they signed their full name in an initial spot or something like that.) Is there no way for my clients to fix their signature without having to setup a new email address? that seems crazy! Seems like editing a saved signature should be the most basic function for a signing program!

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Cassandra Benson

I have the same problem and the answer "you need to let your signer contact DocuSign Support" is rediculous!!  

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I used to be able to rotate documents in the transaction room. Cannot find this option anymore???

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DocuMarc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Welcome to the Community Todd, 


I believe everyone is remembering and referring to the Rotate buttons in the Tagging Toolbar, when sending a document in the Classic Experience. 


Rotate Page left 90o: Rotates the current page left 90o.
Rotate Page right 90o: Rotates the current page right 90o.


Learn more in our guide Working with the Tagging Toolbar

You can also use a PDF editor to edit your documents outside of DocuSign, before uploading. 

Here is an example - How to rotate a pdf file and save it permanently same way


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I am a new subscriber.  I have sent several documents out for signatures.  how do I add time and date to their signatures?


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Andrew McBride

You can change the date and time format. It's just under the Document settings rather than the specific tag settings. Though this then becomes an account wide change. 


New Experience

Admin can Define the Document Settings and adjust the "Date Signed Format".

Please view the guide on Administer Your Account Guide. 

The steps are select

Go to Admin >> Signing and Sending >> Signing Settings >> Document Formatting >> Select Format 

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Classic Experience

It is under: Preferences >> Account Administration >> Features >> Sending and Signing >> Format for Date Signed (dropdown)

**Please note that this is an account wide setting that must be enabled  by your Account Admin. If you cannot view, then you may need to contact your Admin. 

Adding to Paul's answer. If your documents are already out for signature before you set the "Date Signed" Tag you can log into DocuSign and CORRECT THE ENVELOPE, to add those tags while the envelope is still in process. Any roles and their associated tags that have been completed when you login to correct cannot be changed.

The Certificate of Completion does contain the time-stamp of the signature as well as the date. This is created whenever an envelope is completed.


Hope this helps.



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