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Same document, just updated text. Same requirements for initials and signatures.   How can I update without having to redo all the signature locations ?

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I'm assuming nobody has signed the document yet.  If you correct the envelope and click on the ... menu beneath a document, a Replace option should appear.  You can use this option to replace the document and any tags on the original document should remain in the same place (assuming you aren't using anchor tags).

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I want a collegue within my company to review a document that I am planning to send out to an external party. I want him to receive a copy, and approve prior to me creating the envelop to send.

Is this doable within DocuSign workflow, or should I do the review outside DocuSign workflow?



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You mentioned you wanted approval prior to going to the external party, so in a DocuSign workflow, it seems necessary to include the coworker first.  Just because the coworker has a recipient type of signer, doesn't mean that the coworker signs anything.  The coworker clicks Approve and then the envelope moves on to the external signer.  If you need the coworker to sign after the external signer, you can add the coworker again as a signer at routing order 3 with the necessary signature tags.

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Hello,  I have one signatory who did not sign and the document was voided due to expiry date.  Is it possible for me to revise the expiry date on a voided document?  

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No.  Once the envelope is voided, you cannot revive it.  You might consider creating a copy of the envelope and starting again.  Sorry.

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How do I remove the DocuSign ID that is posted at the top of all documents?

I can see many help articles for the old experience, but can't see anything for the current experience.

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Hi Jeffrey, 

Welcome to the DocuSign Support Community!

Here's the New DocuSign Experience guide: Control Envelope ID Placement that you may find helpful.

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I want to download all the signed documents from my DocuSign Account. Is there any way to bulk download?

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Hi Siju, 

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Currently, there isn't a way to bulk download the signed documents in standard  DocuSign.

Each completed document would have to be accessed and downloaded individually.

However, there are a number of advanced options for extracting documents and data from DocuSign. These range from

I would recommend for you to reach out to your Account Manager, to see which option works best for you and your use case.

Thank you,

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