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I would like to use the bulk send functionality to request signatures for a new policy document from many different departments.

However, I need 2 people per department to sign each document, therefore I would need to include 2 recipients per envelope, using the bulk send functionality.

Is this possible?

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Is there a way to change the reminder period for an individual recipient of an Envelope.

I have sent an envelope to a few thousand customers and I have one saying that they will sign eventually please stop sending reminders.

Now that feels almost like an Unsubscribe Request that must be honoured so my question or the answer I am seeking is either:

- How do I Stop sending a reminder to an individual recipient of an Envelope Template, or

- How do I change the reminder period for an individual recipient from say 2 days to 7?

I know where to do this in the template for ALL Recipients but can't find how to do it for an individual?  Or is there a way for the user to do that themselves?

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When I signed up as a Realtor, I added my NAR Id, and validated it.  They charged me $300 instead of $240 and I don't know if I have access to my MLS documents.  Is there a human being in their support department?  It says it is under maintanence.  I'm very unhappy.

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 How do I make text boxes not required to fill out.  For example, we ask about allergic reactions to medications but if the person does not have allergies the text box still requires a response.  How do I stop that in case the person wants to leave it blank?

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I have DocuSign in Salesforce classic but it is not a current version. I need to update the version to the latest one in order to install the DocuSign for Lightning Component. Will me updating the version in classic affect any configurations or have any affect on the processes already setup in Classic? 

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