In the SOAP API document:


There mention of a Complex Structure EmailSettings that would all me to override the ReplyEmailAddress and the ReplyEmailName but I don't see any reference to EmailSetting for Envelopes in the Docusign API created from the WSDL. Does feature exist?  Is there any way to set these overrides when creating Evelopes using the CreateEnvelopeFromTemplatesAndForms API from APEX?


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Can a document be password protected so that the recipient must enter a passowrd to open and sign?

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I am new to Docusign.  I just asked the support staff this question on chat and they had no idea.

So I created a template, with fields, for a document I wanted to standardize.  As a test, I sent it to myself, and all the fields were on that document as I had laid out.  However, when I sent it to another person, all the fields vanished!  Like a ghost.  Does anyone have any idea why this happened and how to fix it?  


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There is a quick view to see envelopes expiring soon - how can I create a custom report to filter and run?

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When we import documents from Zipform to DocuSign, signer #1 is designated to complete all forms that have data fields.  Is it possible to change who completes the data fields to signer #2? 

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