Is it possible to host a document template that anyone can sign, thus creating a new fully executed document? I am using DocHub to allow customer to sign from my website. I wonder if it possible with DocuSign.

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Hi there,

I would like to add the stamp field to a document.

How can I make it and how a recipient add the picture with a stamp?

Thank you in advance.

- Vadim

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We use embedded signing via the DocuSign REST API. When a user of our app is first sent to the DocuSign embedded signing view, they are asked to set a signature. When we next send the user to DocuSign, it remembers their signature from last time. As we are using DocuSign embedded signing from our custom web app, these uses do not have DocuSign accounts. I am looking for a way that a user - or our administrators - can clear a signature that has previously been set for an embedded user.


I found this answer on Stack Overflow:

This suggests that it is possible to clear a saved signature for an embedded user. However, the link that answer provides to the DocuSign documentation is broken, and I cannot find the page by searching the documentation.

How can the user, or our administrators, clear the signature that DocuSign has remembered for an embedded user in embedded signing view?


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User-added image

*2018 W-4 updated

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Tony Ezerskis



 I'm absolutely thrilled to have stumbled upon this thread as it's also perfect timing as we just started to work with our HR team for DocuSign use cases!  The concept of having pre-built templates for universal forms is also a fantastic idea as it will help clients to not have to reinvent the template!

Great job Marc and your team at DocuSign!

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When I send the document, the system won't allow my client to sign or initial.

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