from the tmplates in my phone app, it will not let me edit the the to: fields

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Revisiting docusign after years of not using because it just created way more work.  I have a template that is a contract for our transport company.  I need to change some fields each time (every time we ship its a different product and dimensions).  It needs to be sent to several different clients a day.  They need to fill in some fields on there own.  I cannot figure out how to simply list them as a recipient and send the contract.  Each time I do it seams I have to "edit" the form to change the fields (awkward).  I want to just click a button, enter an e-mail, make the changes and send the document.  

I also seem to be permenantly listed as a signer, if I try to take myself off as a signer I will loose all the fiels associated with me and that is all of them....esentially deleting the whole document.  

Just seems way more complicated than it should be, doesnt help that Im no technical wiz.  Any Help is appreciated. 

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We have approximately two dozen different documents of varying lengths and content that need to be signed.  All of the documents have the same signature block ("Authorized Representative"), but they appear at differnet places within the respective documents.  I know I can use a "floating signature" based off that character string of "Authorized representative", but can I set up just one template that ALL documents can use with this floating signature logic?  From what I read the "matching" feature of the template requires a match on the first/last 25 words, but in this case I don't want the template to match on anything - I just want it to take ANY document I send it, look for "Authorized Representative", and apply the signature.

I understand the inherent risk of having such a loose template protocol, but I was wondering if this was even possible.

Thanks very much!

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I have Docusign on my desktop computer and recently loaded the Docusign app to my iPhone. I am disappointed that the mobile app does not autofill my contacts, as does Docusign on my computer. Any suggestions?

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Is it possible to suppress the emails in order to force users to work from their inbox within DocuSign?

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