I have multiple email addresses (doesn't everyone?) and it seems silly to have to create a whole new account, and re-enter the signature and addresses et al just to get an email address added to my account.

Is there a mechanism to add an email address to an existing account, without changing the "login email" or (worse) creating a whole new account?

If not, is there a formal mechanism to add that feature request?

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Thank you for everyone's feedback, 

I have updated your details to the report TRI-8517  for our development team. I'll try to monitor and update this thread, as they review the enhancement.


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I need to talk to someone at docusign's customer service please. What is the number? 

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Welcome to the community Jaqueline and Juli,
I see that you have both been helped by a Support Rep, but I wanted to share a little more background on my comment above.

The recommended channel for support is your My Cases Management Dashboard on our Support Center. After submitting a ticket, a Support Rep will reach out to you as soon as possible. You can also login anytime to update the ticket with more details or check the status.

If you have a more urgent issue or cannot login to our Support Center, please use the topics listed on our Contact Support page to be guided to the best resources and support channels for your issue. Depending on the issue, phone support may be available with a phone number that tailored for your location, language, and issues.

We value your time and offer this guided assistance to provide you the best on-demand content and fastest support channels for your issue.

Thanks for visiting the Community.

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Is there a way to set a different default font? I am tired of having to change every single data field and pre-built field to match the font I want and that we use on our pdfs. 

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Robert Biros


One option is to create your own custom tag that will have all the formatting as you desire.

See Creating a Custom Tag


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Docu Team

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Happy DocuSigning : )

Marc David

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*2017 I-9 and W-4 updated

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Tony Ezerskis



 I'm absolutely thrilled to have stumbled upon this thread as it's also perfect timing as we just started to work with our HR team for DocuSign use cases!  The concept of having pre-built templates for universal forms is also a fantastic idea as it will help clients to not have to reinvent the template!

Great job Marc and your team at DocuSign!

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