Is it possible that the submitter(SENDER) receives an email from DocuSign in order to provide a signature; if the submitter(SENDER) fails to take action on the request, is it possible to have a notification sent to the submitter after 24 hours? Additionally, if there is no action after 5 days, is it possible to have the request terminated?

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Is there a way to apply all templates that you want to choose from at once like the old docusign?

Having to apply them all indivdually creates more work and more errors?


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I send documents for signing to a regular recipient institution.  They asked for the signature request to be sent to one person's name, but have it go to three different email addresses as a spillover/failsafe to ensure my requests for signatures never go unanswered if the main point of contact is out... either of the other two recipients is authorized (by my recipient institution) to sign on the main person's behalf.

I tried to add multiple email addresses in the single contact person's record but it did not take- any suggestions?

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One of my client applications wants to know if i can turn off the expiration email from being sent to the signer.  Is this possible?

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I was reading the article below:

Under the accessibility standards question, it is mentioned that signing accessibility must be enabled by a DocuSign admin. Is this a setting in the admin section? I looked through the various tabs there, but nothing jumped out at me. Thanks in advance!!

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