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We are using powerforms, and would like the recipient to receive the "completed" email with their completed form attached. Is there a way to set this up?

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NA1 Feynman

Do you have the settings set like this?


Suppress Emails to Embedded Signers = unchecked

Use Envelope Complete Email for (non-suppressed) Embedded Signers = checked

Attach documents to completed envelope email = checked


This combination of settings works for me.  If you have not done so already, you could try logging out, closing browsers, and logging in again.  Sometimes you need to do these extra steps after changing account settings.

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Also, I changed my email address in the system and the old address still shows on my account page.


Dennis in San Diego

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I am new to docusign and made a few mistakes and had to keep repeating m new signature packet. But I would like not to see it anymore. I went to manage my account but its not there to erease. 

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Is anyone using New DocuSign with MS Flow?  I am interested in possibly using MS Flow to automate the second phase of a workflow once a DocuSign envelope is completed.  If anyone is doing something similar, are you willing to share your experinces?


Milly Tye

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I'm looking for the strikethrough function, which I see should be within the markup tools. However, I don;t see the markup tool icon. 

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