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Getting this error when setting up my account.

  • IO Exception: Unauthorized endpoint, please check Setup->Security->Remote site settings. endpoint =

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Streamline the completion of HR forms from days to hours. 

Ready to give it a try? We've created pre-tagged templates
You can upload and send in minutes. 


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Click here to download the sample document.


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Find Yourself sending out the same document over and over again?

Setup Templates!


Upload your document and pre-tag with placeholders, just once.

Then simply re-use over and over again for every new recipient.

Apply, Send, and Done.

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Learn more about Templates and how you can save time by creating your own.



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A Co-worker set up folders in DocuSign to store signed agreements.  He added me to his shared envelopes.  When I open his shared envelops, I can see all of the folders he created to store the contracts as well as everything he placed there.  However, I can not add items to his folders.  Is there any way to share folders between folks so that they appear in their individual Manage areas and they can both add completed agreements to those folders?

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User is unable to see the template label at the top, I think is access issue nevertheless user doesn't know who is her DocuSign Account Admin.


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Document as several signers and is partially signed.  There will be long delay (months) as remaining signers resolve an issue.  If resolved, signing will continue.  I've been instructed to stop the constatant reminders till then.  Option is grayed out.  Only recorse is to leave envelope in Correct mode?

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