Hello Team,

We are having requirement that, 2 documents(Internal and External) have to sign by 2 customers and they should get signed copy of their individual sign. For the 2nd customer, the Broker (3rd person) should get External Copy Only as CC (while sending Signed copy to Customer 2). However, when we do this via code (using DocuSign.eSign DLL,RestSharp.dll), Broker is Getting Both Internal and External Copies.

The code is as below

 if (config[7] != "")   -- If Broker is NOT given, the only send EXTERNAL copy to them
       List<string> list = intdocList.Split(',').ToList();
       int ReciepantIDCarbonCopy = 3;
       envDef.Recipients.CarbonCopies = new List<CarbonCopy>();
       for (int i1 = 0; i1 < list.Count; i1++)
        string doc2 = list[i1];
        CarbonCopy cc = new CarbonCopy();
        cc.Email = config[7];
        cc.Name = config[6];
        cc.ExcludedDocuments = new List<string> { (doc2.ToString()) };   ---Here excluding Internal copy, so that Borker can get only External copies.
        cc.RecipientId = (ReciepantIDCarbonCopy + 1).ToString();
        cc.RoutingOrder = (ReciepantIDCarbonCopy + 1).ToString();

Please assist.

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كل ما يتعلق برياض الأطفال من فضلكم 

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