We understand that in recent weeks, following the cyber attack weekend, some NHS groups in the UK have blocked all non-NHS emails. We had already seen some firewall issues with Docusign emails being blocked

Does anyone have similar issues? Can anyone confirm a status or policy of NHS email processing?

Anyone discovered issues with Docusign being seen as spam and how was it resolved?



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I get "tutorial" popups every time I click on something new in Docusign. They are telling me how to use the new Dosusign. I need them to be turned off.

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the current status evenlope filters has the option 'Completed' or 'Signed by all signers'. the option name implies either OR. I only wnat to retrieve completed envelopes.



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As referenced in this thread: https://support.docusign.com/en/answers/00013831

"If you cannot view the options, then the sender may have removed using our Custom Acount Branding Features."

This is stupid and not fair for the signing party.  The proposed workaround is to download the documents from the signature confirmation window, but there's no way to get back to that window if you didn't realize you needed it, and there's little indication that you will need it before you complete the signing process and realize there's no way to download the signed document.

I don't know why you would ever allow the download buttons to be removed, but at the very least there should be a warning if you are about to leave the last point at which you can download a document.

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I have applied the signature, date signed, company, and title tags of DocuSign to my document. And then send email for testing. And the receiver is not a DocuSign User, so he does not have company name and title prefilled in document. Depend on the description in Docusign, if user is not a Docusign user, the company tab will set by default as a blank text which user can input something inside. Actually, when user fill the information manually in company and title tab and click finish, the final document does not shown any text what inserted by user in company and title tab. Could anyone help me to answer this question. Thanks a lot.

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