New to Docusign Please Help with sending to Guardian

I need to upload a template and have the Guardian sign and date, send back to me and then I would reupload template and have a clinician and Patient sign on a different date. I also need to learn how to add radio buttons and their value making it possible that once the Guardian signs and agrees to services, the patient and clinician cannot click and undo the buttons that Guardian originally signed. 

Zoho CRM integraiton

I have just started using DocuSign, and we have the integration with Zoho CRM.  I can go into a lead, click "Send to DocuSign", and select my template.  However, the DocuSign template has a signer, called "Client", and the Zoho lead is ADDED as a signer.  I end up copying and pasting the lead name and email to the "Client" signer.  This can't be working as intended, right? 

What I need is for the lead info (name, email) to replace the "Client" signer.  But I'm not sure how to do that.  The template is a standard credit card agreement, I am not trying to push any data to the template.  I just want the lead name/email as the signer.



Cannot insert in a word document strings of codes that would be later recognized by DocuSign as fields for signature, initials etc...?


I have read all I could in support sections and could not find a solution.

What I need to do with DocuSign is to be able to insert in a word document several strings of codes that would be later recognized by DocuSign as (for example) places and fields for signature or initials etc...

When the word document is finished I would then upload the final document in pdf (or word) to DocuSign and DocuSign would generate my document with the field.

I have tried to so this using notably \s1\ or \signature2\ in my word document.

I see that when uploading the document (in pdf or word wormat) to DocuSign DocuSign "sees" these strings of codes are something "different" because the letters are grey instead of black but still this is not generating a signature field and the text \signature2\ or \s1\ remains the same in DocuSign and is not changed as a real signature field.

I have read all I could in support sections and I need please your help because this is something I need to be able to do and I manage to do this with SignNow but would prefer we adopt DocuSign because several aspects (including languages, you would offer interface for our customers in french not english) are better for us with DocuSign.

But if we cannot do what is described above this won't work for us unfortunately.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind help

Unknown signer

We need to send a document to a company for signature. We do not know who at the company will sign (basically we have no known person signing).  We want the person who opens the envelope to assign the actual name and email of the person signing. I proposed that the person at the company use "Assign to Others" and the sender thought that involved too many steps and could possibly return the document with just the entity name if the person did not enter the actual name of the signer...Other options? I tried just using one action "assign recipients" and it kept telling me it needed another option.

Text Box Question

When I use the text box, I am careful to align words and margins so that my text flows normally and the text ends appropriately and not in the middle of a company etc.  When it gets to the signers. it has changed from what I entered. Why?


should look like- ahfkhf;ahf;sf   aksfh;sfh;  iasd;IEHF;EHFOGHSAKD LKALSHKS lfsif;ljgldslLFJOE   ASKDJoihdejf'lef'lfjslf;skd jflfsljfl and ABC Company Inc.

I get-  ahfkhf;ahf;sf   aksfh;sfh;      iasd;IEHF;EHFOGHSAKD LKALSHKS lfsif;ljgldsldjLFJOE         ASKDJoihdejf'lef'lfjslf;skd jflfsljfl and       ABC

Company Inc.  (it moves the rest of the name down and creates bigger spaces in the sentence)