Signing multiple documents at once - Automated Counter Signing

We are trying to automate end-to-end processing for "simple" contracts. Is there a way to set up DocuSign so it automatically countersigns the documents when they are signed and returned by clients?

ARX - how to make the digital certificate for VBA offfice365

HiI'm chikau from japan & now trial use.

 I do not know how to make the digital certificate for VBA offfice36.

does the docusign help me or can I use another Apllication ?

Please Teach me the way .



multiple email addresses for my account

I have multiple email addresses (doesn't everyone?) and it seems silly to have to create a whole new account, and re-enter the signature and addresses et al just to get an email address added to my account.

Is there a mechanism to add an email address to an existing account, without changing the "login email" or (worse) creating a whole new account?

If not, is there a formal mechanism to add that feature request?

Admin shared access to ohter user completed envelopes

As the administrator, is it possible to access completed envelopes within the account that others in the company sent?

remove docusign box around signature

Is there any way you can get the signature back from being signed without the docusign box around it?