How can I prepare a redacted copy of a signed document?

I need to provide someone with a copy of a document that is signed but must redact some confidential information. Is there a way, outside of docusign, to do this using Acrobat? Currently if I try I get a message "This document has been signed and cannot be edited". 



Summary.pdf file retrieved through Fetch

Hello all,

We currently utilize the Fetch tool to export document copies in a completed status to a directory with an index file for import into our Document Retention tool.  There are currently some document templates that bring over a summary.pdf file with the DS form (when opened, it is a copy of the Certificate for the envelope).  This is an unnecessary item for retention and is currently being removed manually from the index file each morning before import into the document retention tool. 

Does anyone know how I can disable this summary file from being exported through fetch.  Is there a setting in DS admim that I can change to diable?

Any input is welcome as I just became aware of this export/import issue and would like to resolve so the manual process can be eliminated.

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Can any DocuSign user use the New DocuSign Experience if they want to?

It seems like the new experience is so much better. Is it available to everyone with an account? If not, why are you limited to Classic only?

No Attachment

My client is stating that they received the email from Docusign, but the attachment is not included in the email.

Multiple Senders Using Same Account


When sending documents to our clients for signature we would like them to come from our group email address and not from each individual.  I know how to set-up the group email address as a person within DocuSign but my question relates to logging in.  Can multiple people log into the same account at the same time and send documents to clients?  We need to be able to have more than one person log in to the account at any given time since we are all sending specific documents to specific clients.  We also want all documents sent and received stored under the same "person", this way if someone is out on leave another team member can finish what they started. 




I saw who you can share your user document information with others; however, this can become very cumbersome since we have several team members.   I was hoping there is a way everyone can use the same login and all documents would be stored under that user.




Please let me know if you need any more information.




Thanks, Heather Nicoson