Refreshing a Sandbox with Docusign Integration



I need to refresh a Salesforce Sandbox that has docusign for salesforce integration implemented. 

Just wondering if I will loose any custom tags and templates that have already been created when I reinstall docusign after the refresh? I am hoping that I will not loose anything.

Please let me know. thanks


Upload signature

Why cannot i upload a signature without creating a account. Everyone should to be able to receive a document to sign and upload a signature without an account.

Field's auto-populating

Hi - I uploaded my document and instead of usual signature, name etc I needed the field 'Company' because the signer (which was me) needed to insert their Company name.  I did the usual and hit Send and it invited me to sign right away which I said yes to.  It didn't take me to my field, instead if offered me to 'Complete' (which I said yes to) and then 'Finish' (where I paused).  I scrolled down to where I know I'd put the Company field in and it had pre-filled that field for me, but with a shortened version of my company name.  This is a legal document so I want the full company name.  I happily overtyped it and all is well, but where can I find the setting that told it to pre-fill my company name and the text that it inserts in there so that I can change it to the full company name for next time?

Thank you

Signing sequence and Authentication

Hi Docusign executive,


We are evaluating your software in trial version.

We have a few queries before we implement Docusign software in our organization which are :


1.We want a hybrid structure for the signing order.

   Example, Send the document to 10 recievers

            6 in parallel(together).

            and once the 6 signatures are done,

            send the same document to the remaining 4 recievers in a signing order(series).


   Is this possible in paid version ? Kindly advice.


2.Mail Authentication:

   If a mail received by the signer is forwarded to a friend, he can view and sign the document too. Without any authentication or checks.


   Is there a way to avoid this or to give authorization only to the reciever mentioned in the document to view the document.


3.In paid version, If we take 5 licenses ( 4 users and 1 administrator), Can the users be given previlages to view and send only their own templates?

  A user shouldn’t be able to view completed documents of other users. ( Only ADMIN should view EVERYTHING).

   Is it possible. Kindly advice.

Not Allowed to Create Templates

Hi, just needing to create a new template. The directions say to click the 'new' under the templates tab, which makes sense. However, I do not have a 'new' button.