How do I print documents?

How do I print documents?

Salesforce Lightning - Docusign Issues

Hello Docusign Community,

Today we switched over to Salesforce 'Lightning Experience'.  In doing so, we can no longer enter the 'mini'-wizard which allowed you to select and attach a template to a record and send.  If I go to a Contact record and click "Docusign", the managed button, I get the following error:

The DocuSign Action is designed to work with files from Notes and Attachments and Chatter Documents. This record has no documents attached to it so the DocuSign action will not work. Add a document to this object and try again.

I updated our organization to the latest DocuSign plugin to try and resolve, but the issue persists.  Anyone else having this issue?  Any resolution outside of having to switch back to Classic Mode?

Admin Access to all completed envelopes

As the administrator, is it possible to access completed envelopes within the account that others in the company sent?

How do I make changes to a DocuSign document that I have already sent out and a client is supposed to sign?

Hello, I have been tialling DocuSign for some days now and I am overall happy with it. The only small issue that I am unable to work out is that if a document that has been sent out does not have the correct information in it and a client ask to amend it (our clients are generally reluctant to amend the contract themselves) I am not sure how to do that and resend, apart from sending the contract out again. My question is: How do I make changes to a DocuSign document that I have already sent out and a client is supposed to sign? Is there a way to amend the initial email sent via DocuSign, by attaching the amended contract, or do you need to send out a new email?

Thank you for your assistance.


Can I sign a document first and then send it on for someone else to sign?

We need to sign NDA's which are sent to us and then send them back to be countersigned. Is there an easy way to do this, or do i have to sign it, save it and then re-send it on to be signed. Or am i able to sign the document and then just forward it on to be signed?