DOCUSIGN returning parameters in URL within iframe

How to pass parameters(envelope,PF and r ID) within iframe while returning URL in embedded docusigning??? If I enter the POWERFORM link on browser I'm returning URL with the parameters(envelope,PF and r ID) but if I run  code within IFRAME i'm unable to get the parameters.......Please do assist me about this issue.

The general number of registered Hong Kong users

Hi, I am a Hong Kong student, recently studying at the market of Hong Kong E-contracts and E-signing Service. It is known that E-signing is a big trend but no certain data showing that how Hong Kong people are getting used to the E-signing service. Can you please provide a general number of how many numbers of users have registered the Fill& Sign app? The data is so important to us as it helps us analyze how Hong Kong is a potential market for E-signing service.

Is it possible to correct an envelope (already sent) using REST API

I see that if I use the REST API to perform a correction to an envelope I am returned a URL to the component that the user can use to make the changes to the envelope.  My question is, can I accomplish the same programatically without having a user in the middle.  If so, do I first unlock it, then add a document then lock it back up or is that allowed?  Is there an API call that I'm not aware of?  Thank you,

How can we send Envelope to Signing Group

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How can we add a group to Sign a document. I have followed provided instructions in the following link - https://support.docusign.com/en/guides/ndse-user-guide-signing-groups .


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Dynamic Signing


We want to implement the below scenario.let me know if that is possible to implement.

We want to have in total 3 signatories in our document out of which one is going to be customer and the other two will be our CEO and Finance Head.The scenario is that whenever anyone from our side whether the CEO or Finance Head signs the document the contract should be updated with his/her details like designation(CEO/Finance Head) and Name and then the envelope should be completed and the contract in Salesforce should get activated when this happens.

As of now we have a template for our CEO as Signer from our organization and whenever both customer and our CEO signs the envlope status is completed and the contract is activated in salesforce.


We want this:whenever anyone from our side signs the docuemnt hi/her details get updated in document and envelope gets completed.