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If vendor does not accept a document in an envelop?

In regards to document approval, what happens if i send a vendor a document within an envelope in which he/she doesnt accept? Is there a workflow that can send it back to the sender? Thus, if someone disagrees, how can the person raise their hand and inform that they dont agree/accept the terms of one of the documents. Is there a side / action button?

Template Library: W-4 & I-9 Forms (2018)

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*2018 W-4 updated

Add multiple email addresses to my account

I have multiple email addresses (doesn't everyone?) and it seems silly to have to create a whole new account, and re-enter the signature and addresses et al just to get an email address added to my account.

Is there a mechanism to add an email address to an existing account, without changing the "login email" or (worse) creating a whole new account?

If not, is there a formal mechanism to add that feature request?

ReSending Document to One Person

I've sent the document to the two signers, one of them signs and the other cannot find the document -- how do I resend to just that one signer?



How do I fix drag & drop Text boxes from being able to be edited by recipient?

We have been dragging & dropping Text boxes in areas where we need to enter information on the form. Then dropping Signature in the appropraite place. But when we send the document, the Text boxes are outlined in red and you can edit content.  We do not want clients to be able to change the information, only sign.