eSignature REST API v2.0 Maintenance Mode QA

eSignature REST API v2.0 to enter Maintenance Mode

As part of DocuSign's commitment to security and reliability, and to keep up with the latest processes, we recommend that customers use the latest version of our eSignature Rest API (v2.1) when launching new integrations and use cases. With eSignature REST API v2.1 available, we are going to move eSignature v2 into Maintenance Mode in February 2022.

What will, and will not, change?

Beginning in February 2021, we will no longer proactively maintain our eSignature REST API v2. The eSignature REST API v2 documentation and new product developments will also no longer receive updates during this transition. However, eSignature REST API v2 SDKs, security issues, and bugs will continue to receive patches and updates until February 2022. At that point, eSignature REST API v2 will fully be in Maintenance mode — meaning that it will continue to operate, but DocuSign will only address critical bug fixes and security issues. If you still require the use of eSignature REST API v2, those API calls will continue to operate even after the Maintenance Mode date of February 2022, and for the foreseeable future. For a detailed maintenance schedule of our v2 API, SDKs, documentation, and tools, see the figure below.

Maintenance Mode Timeline

Why are we making this change?

The DocuSign eSignature REST API v2 has been around for several years and continues to be one of the drivers behind our customers turning to DocuSign for their digital transformation. While we've made continuous improvements to the existing v2 of the API, there are limits to what can be done while maintaining compatibility with existing integrations. Concurrently, DocuSign has been working on a new iteration of our API, one that is used by our first-party apps, including our web app. This iteration is the new eSignature API v2.1. API v2.1 has been available since May 2019 and is an incremental improvement over v2; so you will find much that is familiar between v2 and v2.1. Notable improvements that you will notice in v2.1 include improved usability, enhanced envelope search, better tools for handling large workloads, and more.

When can you expect these changes?

In 2021, DocuSign will stop active development of the v2 API, beginning with API reference documentation, guides, and how-tos. eSignature REST API v2 SDKs, security issues, and bugs will continue to receive patches and updates until February 2022, when v2 enters Maintenance Mode.

See the Related information section below to learn more about the new features in the eSignature Rest API (v2.1) and migrating from eSignature REST API v2 to eSignature REST API v2.1.

Note: The eSignature SOAP API will continue to be supported and is not affected by this plan.

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