Unable to install DocuSign for Outlook in Office 2016

Installation issues and items of consideration with DocuSign for Outlook in Office 2016

The DocuSign for Outlook add-in with Office 2016 compatibility is only available as an App from the Microsoft Store

The primary issue that arises when attempting to install this add-in is that the email system requires Exchange 2013 or later in order to run Apps for Office, and Apps must be enabled by the email system administrator. The App version of the add-in will not work if the email system is an older version of Exchange, or anything otherwise that does not support Apps for Office. More on this can be found on Microsoft's Dev Center site.

For older versions of Outlook, the Windows desktop version is also available. Support page for the desktop version of the add-in is found here. However, the desktop version is not compatible with Office 2016. 

In closing, at the time of writing this article, there is no way to use DocuSign for Outlook in a scenario where the customer is running Office 2016 on older versions of Exchange, or non-Microsoft email systems.