Transitioning to the new DocuSign Gen for Salesforce app

DocuSign has released a new DocuSign Gen app as part of the DocuSign Apps Launcher for Salesforce. To facilitate the move to our new app, you can use our migration tool to copy existing DocuSign Gen users over to the new app and migrate your existing templates.

Selecting the Migrate Users button will add all existing users to the new app in a Pending Activation status. Users will not get an activation email, but when first using the new app they will be prompted to provide permission for DocuSign to gain access to the DocuSign Apps Launcher version of DocuSign Gen.
Users will remain in Pending Activation status in the Administrators User Management tab of the DocuSign Apps Launcher until this action is taken.

Selecting the Migrate Templates button will import your existing template configurations to the new application. This will not recreate your custom buttons. Once your template configurations have been imported into the new app, we recommend previewing your template to assure accuracy.

Before adding new custom buttons from the imported templates to your page layout, you will want to remove the buttons from the legacy DocuSign Gen app. Removing the legacy buttons prior to adding the new buttons will prevent confusion during the legacy DocuSign Gen uninstall process.

To uninstall the legacy buttons in Salesforce Lightning:

  • Go to Setup > Object Manager > (Object the button is installed on) > Page Layouts > Remove the button from the Mobile & Lightning Actions > Save.
  • Repeat until you have removed the button from each page layout.
  • Go to Setup > Object Manager > (Object the button is installed on) > Buttons, Links, and Actions > Delete the custom button.

After you have removed your legacy custom buttons, you will want to add the new DocuSign Gen buttons to the page layouts.

To do so, navigate to the DocuSign Gen Setup app from the Salesforce App Launcher. Select Template Configurations, then select Edit on the template you want to deploy the new custom button for. Select the Custom Button, edit the Button Label, then select the page layouts you would like the button to deploy to and click on Create Custom Button.

Now, uninstall the legacy DocuSign Gen installed package. From Setup, navigate to Packaging > Installed Packages.

Choose to uninstall the package with the older install date. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Yes, I want to uninstall this package and permanently delete all associated components, then select Uninstall.
If the package is still associated with components, Salesforce will identify them so that they can be uninstalled in order fully uninstall the legacy DocuSign Gen product.

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