DocuSign CLM - Allowing Security Access for DocuSign CLM Edit or Business Sync Folders on a PC

The DocuSign CLM Business Sync and DocuSign CLM Edit apps are tools that are used to sync DocuSign CLM content between your computer and the online account. Occasionally, after either of these programs has been installed, a user who logs into the app may get an error message saying that they are not authorized to use the software. If the user has a valid DocuSign CLM Login Name in the Address Book, you may need to give administrator access to the software on the user’s computer. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Click Start > Computer (or This PC) and navigate to C:/Program Files (x86):
  1. Right-click the DocuSign CLM folder and select Properties.
  1. Open the Security tab and click the Edit button with the shield icon.

You may get a pop-up asking to authenticate. If you're not able to get through with your Windows or Domain username and password, you'll need an Administrative user on that computer to enter their credentials to clear the pop-up.

  1. Scroll down the list of user types under the Group or user names: header and click the Users group. Check the Full control box under the Allow column to check all of the unchecked boxes on that column. Then click OK:
  1. Click OK on the remaining open Permissions window:

You have now allowed a standard user on the computer (non-administrator) full access to the DocuSign CLM Edit or Business Sync app. This should prevent the Unauthorized User error message from appearing again.

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