DocuSign Simplified Sending Overview Video

View the video or follow the steps below to learn how to send a document out for signature using the DocuSign Simplified Sending interface.

Step 1: Click 'Start Now' to begin.

Step 2: Chose your file. Which documents do you need to send out for signature? Click UPLOAD to locate the documents from within your computer or the drop down arrow to upload from a cloud storage service.

Step 3: Who needs to sign the documents?  Add recipients. This page will give you the opportunity to add as many recipients as you need. You can choose 'Needs to sign' if this person needs to take action on the document, or if someone simply needs to get a copy choose 'receives a copy' from the drop down options.

Step 4: Prepare the document. Add fields to the document for each recipient to take action on once they receive this document via email. Standard Fields are available on the left. To add a field simply drag and drop the field onto the document. To change fields to a different signer use the drop down at the top left.

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Step 6: Review and send. Edit the subject line and message to the recipients before sending the document.
Advanced options on the right allow you edit privileges, add reminders and set expiration. Once the document is ready, click Send. Both you and the recipients will receive a completed copy once the document has been signed.

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