Print Driver FAQ

What are the current Print Driver System Requirements?

Operating System
64-bit and 32-bit versions: Windows® 7 SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10 (with latest updates, recommended) .

Citrix Optional Software Support
Citrix XenApp 6.5
Citrix XenDesktop 7.6

Latest stable release of all DocuSign-supported browsers that are compatible with the supported operating system. See System Requirements for a detailed list of supported browsers.

Known limitations

Print to Sign does not support Document Visibility

  • Will encounter “ONESIGNALLSIGN_NOT_SATISFIED.. Freeform signing is not allowed …. " error

Supports only 1 document to be signed

Why am I getting an installation failure?

First, please download the latest version of the Print Driver.

Known Issue: 

  • Print Driver v3.1.0/v3.1.1 64-bit install fails with no error message. This issue related to Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable x64 14.0.xxxx. 

Possible Solution:

Why am I being prompted with "Do You Trust DocuSign" when installing Print Driver v3.x?

Microsoft Windows 7/ Server 2008 has a known issue regarding certain kinds of digital certificates, like those provided with DocuSign Print Driver Version 3.x. This known Microsoft issue that prevents Windows from remembering that the user trusts the programs published by DocuSign.  This issue causes Windows to always prompt users, "Do You Trust DocuSign?" when DocuSign Print Driver Version 3.x is installed.
To complete the Print Driver install, without being prompted, please follow theses steps in order:
  1. Install the DocuSign Certificate. Obtain the Print Driver Certificate from the Print Driver. Right click on the Print Driver Install .EXE > Properties -> Digital Signatures.
  2. Import the DocuSign Certificate into the user's  'local machine' store of 'Trusted Publishers'. 
  3. Install KB 3033929  Microsoft security advisory: Availability of SHA-2 code signing support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: March 10, 2015. Note: This install may be dependent on other patches.
Note: If you choose to avoid the above steps, the Print Driver will correctly operate, however the user will be prompted during each install trust DocuSign.

How do I get the Print Driver Build version?

To determine the Build Version of Print Driver 3.x
  1. Left-click on the Print Driver icon in the System Tray
  2. Select About.

How do I get the Print Driver logs?

Default install location
  • C:\Program Files\Docusign\Print Driver (64 bit)
  • C:\Program Files\Docusign\Print Driver (x86) (32 bit)
Log file location
  • <Install Location>/Log
Log file names
  • DocuSign.PrintDriverApplication.yyyy-m-d
  • log-yyyy-m-d

Why is my document not Printing?

Installs fine, connects fine, but does not print, nothing in queue
  • Happens typically when multiple installs/uninstalls are done on the machine.
  • Your application or control panel may show multiple “Print to DocuSign” printers.
  • Quit Print Driver -> Uninstall Print Driver -> open “Print Management” tool - review and remove all “Print to DocuSign” printers -> reboot -> Install again.
  • Sometimes a print job may be stuck in “Printing” status. Cancel the job and it should clear the backlog.  (Seem to be an issue primarily on Windows 7).
  • You may have to reboot - However, you may lose queued jobs.

Why don't I see the Print Driver running on Windows 8.1/10 - Metro Apps?

  • Print Driver is a Desktop App, NOT a Metro app.
  • If Win 8.1 and 10 is run in metro style, print driver is NOT launched automatically on startup. You must launch the app manually.
  • When using any metro style apps (e.g. photo viewer), desktop apps loose focus of UI such as Print Options/Print Queue.

Why am I receiving a Citrix security warning (ToC)?

  • This is expected behavior. You may need to accept the "ToC" each time you log in.

Why does my document keep getting sent to the same envelope in the Print Queue?

  • If you have the Print to Last envelope setting defined you will need to select "Reset Session" in order to print to a new envelope.

Why can't I see the template options?

  • Ensure the user has the required permissions for template management (Create or Share and limited to those the user has write access).
  • Ensure the right account membership is selected.

Can Print Driver 3.x be installed along with Print Driver version 2.x?

  • Yes.

How long before the authentication token Expires?

  • It expires on Logout.

Will Template Matching be launched automatically?

  • Yes, works best if document and template are created using print driver.

Does the Print Driver support connectivity via a proxy server?

  • Yes, Control Panel | “Internet Options” | “Connections” Tab | Click on “LAN Settings” | Enable checkbox for “Proxy Server”, and specify the proxy server address and port.
  • Does not support configurations which include a username/password.

What registry entry can be checked to verify successful installation of Print Driver 3.x?

Registry entries to confirm successful installation of the Print Driver:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DocuSign\DocuSign Print Driver\3.0\installed
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DocuSign\DocuSign Print Driver\3.0\AppPath
The presence of these data items in the registry will indicate the successful installation of the print driver. 

How can I print multiple items to the same envelope via the DocuSign Print Driver

The DocuSign Print Driver 3.x has the ability to print documents to a previous envelope.

In some cases when the application is installed it does have settings that stop the print method dialogues from displaying. When this happens it’s possible to have the Print Driver locked to a specific method, like Print to Sign, or Print to new Envelope. Under the DocuSign Print Driver Settings, on the Printing tab, check the Always Show Printing option. This  will cause the menu to begin appearing again, which will allow you to specify that you want to print to a new vs. existing envelope.

Why am I getting this error "Print Driver - An error has occurred. Please try again" when trying to login?

The Print Driver is unable to connect to DocuSign. This error is likely caused by an internet connectivity issue, or by issues with outdated browser version or configuration. You may receive this error , or a blank page when attempting to log in to the Print Driver. 

  1. Confirm you have a good internet connection.
  2. Test Your Browser's TLS Support at SSLLabs. If your browser fails to pass the TLS, the best solution is to update your web browser to the latest version. If you are unable to update your browser, then please follow the instructions listed in our Common Internet Explorer Troubleshooting Steps article then reboot your device.
    • Note: The Print Driver is not compatible with older versions of IE or Compatibility View configuration. 

Why am I getting this error "Print Driver - The envelope you're trying to print to is locked"?

Check if you have already opened the envelope in your browser.  You must Save or Discard the envelope before printing more documents to it. You may also want to "Reset Session":

  1. Click on the Print Driver icon in the System Tray.
  2. Select "Reset Session".