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What are reputation points?  How do I earn them?  And how do I get on the Leaderboard?

Reputation Points are the Community's way of measuring trust.  The more reputation points you have, the more the community feels that your contributions are worthwhile, constructive, and credible.   

You earn reputation points when you:
    • start a discussion
    • write a comment
    • receive a comment
    • like something
    • receive a like
    • mark an answer as best
    • receive an answer
    • answer a question
    • your answer is marked as best

All users start with 1 reputation point.  The primary way to gain reputation points is by posting good questions and useful answers, and from collaborating with your friends and peers.   The BEST way to earn reputation points is to help other members in the Unanswered Activity Filter.
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Point Levels are tied to Ranks. You can view your Rank on Your Profile.
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Members with the most Reputation points will earn a spot on the Front Page of the Community Leader Board!
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The Leadership Program is still in BETA but you can start building your reputation now.  
Stay Tuned, More Perks Coming Soon ... 

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