How do I transfer envelopes?

You can transfer envelopes one at a time or do a bulk transfer. Which option you choose depends on the number of envelopes you want to transfer. Do you want to transfer three envelopes or three hundred?

Transferring Envelopes Between Users on the Same Account
Transferring Entire Accounts and Associated Envelopes Notes:
  • In the DocuSign Web Application, the Manage tab shows envelopes only for the previous six months. To ensure that you see all the envelopes you want to transfer, click Current Filter, and then enter the search date range and search settings you want.
  • When a transfer is successful, the envelopes DISAPPEAR from the account they were taken out of and appear in the new account.
  • To see envelopes in the new account, log out and log back in. To see older envelopes, you might also need to expand the date range in Current Filter.