How do I make changes to a DocuSign document that I am supposed to sign?

If the document you received has incorrect information in it or needs to be modified, you will need to contact the sender to have them correct or resend the document. Think of DocuSign as a mail carrier - we deliver the mail, but have no part in the contents of the mail itself.

How do I contact the sender?

Common examples of incorrect information:

  • The wrong document was sent
  • Signature fields are either missing or in the wrong location
  • Information within the document is incorrect (i.e. name, address, transaction details, etc.)
  • The routing order is incorrect - (i.e. the order in which the document must be signed is not set or incorrectly set.)

Note: If the sender has enabled Document Markup, a feature which allows signers to edit documents, you may be able to modify the document.

From within the Signing window, click OTHER ACTIONS, then click MARK UP. If MARK UP is not displayed, it is not available and you must contact the sender to make changes to this document.

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