How do I download my completed documents from my account?

To download your completed documents from your account, follow these steps:

  1. a. Log in to your DocuSign Account
    b. Locate the completed email notification and click REVIEW DOCUMENT.

  2. Open up the completed document that you would like to save.

  1. ​You will see this menu at the top of the page, click the icon with the arrow.
  1. You will get the option to download as separate PDFs or combined PDFs.

    1. Separate PDF - This will download the documents as the sender uploaded them. (For example, an envelope sent with two different documents will be downloaded as a ZIP file containing the two documents)

    2. Combined PDF - This will combine all documents into a single PDF

  2. Choose where you would like to download them on your computer.

Note: Documents over 5MB will not be attached to the confirmation email after signing, you will have to download them using this method.