Free account vs Developer account

Besides the various paid plans that DocuSign offers there are also several free accounts that can be used to test out DocuSign, develop new workflows or just store signed documents in.

Below are three of these accounts with a description of each one:

  1. 30 day free trial
    • This trial account will allow you to send valid documents for the 30 day duration.
    • It grants you access to most of the common features but lacks many of the advanced features.
    • Free trial accounts do not include any paid features.
    • After 30 days the free trial will expire and the account will be downgraded to a Free account.
    • If you are planning to develop a workflow, design an integration or keep an active test system in parallel to your live account then using a free trial account would not be the ideal solution. For such instances we would recommend using the Developer account instead.
  2. Developer Account
    • This account is in a separate server environment to all other DocuSign accounts, referred to as the demo server.
    • This is to ensure that any testing that occurs will only affect the demo environment and will not have any impact on live production accounts.
    • DocuSign will normally release new updates first to the demo environment for testing before pushing them out to production.
    • All documents sent will not be valid contracts but instead are used for demonstration purposes.
    • This account grants you access to almost all of the features within DocuSign. If you notice any feature that you cannot currently use but would like to test please contact DocuSign Customer Support to see if this can be enabled for you.
    • The account itself will not expire but envelopes sent from it will be automatically removed after 30 days. This is because the demo environment is for testing and not for retaining important documents.
    • The developer account is also the only account where you can begin the process of building a new integration as described in our Developer-Center.
  3. Free Account
    • This account is primarily for anyone who will be only signing documents and wishes to keep these stored within the DocuSign system for easy access in the future. As a note: Signers are not required to have an account by default.
    • The account only has very basic options and can be used to keep and store and adopted signature and configure mailing preferences.
    • This account comes with the ability to send three envelopes, but once these have been sent there is no way of sending more.
    • The account can be upgraded to a paid account so you can keep any envelopes already stored here.
    • Free accounts do not expire but can only contain one user per account.