DocuSign for Dynamics CRM Online FAQs

Q: Can I use a DocuSign Free Trial account to test the DocuSign for Dynamics product before using this in our corporate account?
A: Yes... but the free trial can expire and depending on the type of free trial created, you may run into errors. It is strongly recommended that you create a DocuSign developer account by signing up here , instead of using a free trial account.

Q: How will I know when my free account is running low on document transactions?
A: DocuSign provides a warning when your free account is running low on transactions.

Q: I am running into a problem installing the product from the Dynamics App Store. Is there an install file?
A: Yes. Please create a case in our Customer Support Portal and request the .zip file for the current build of the integration.

Q: How can I access my DocuSign account?
A: From any entity, in the Action toolbar, under More Commands (...), select the Go to DocuSign link. The DocuSign web application opens in a modal over your Dynamics CRM window. 

Q: Why aren't my DocuSign status updates automatically updated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
A:If you aren't seeing real-time status updates on your DocuSign Transaction status records, open the DocuSign Admin, and follow the onscreen instructions to authorize access.

Q. Where are completed documents stored?
A. By default, completed documents appear in the Notes section as a PDF. Completed documents are saved in the associated SharePoint folder If the SharePoint integration is enabled.

Q: What DocuSign-related updates are posted to my entity's activity feed?
A: There are two different DocuSign transaction status changes that are captured on an entity's activity feed. The feed is updated when:
  • A document is successfully sent using DocuSign
  • When all parties complete signing a DocuSign document

Q: What should I do if I see several login prompts when trying to access CRM records in the Dynamics Online Outlook Connector?
A: Ensure that you add the following sites to your Internet Explorer "Trusted Site" list:
  • https://*

Q: Do I have to give the other Microsoft Dynamics CRM account users my DocuSign credential information so they can send with DocuSign?
A: No. If you created a new account, it is automatically set up to allow other users in your account to send with DocuSign. If you have a DocuSign account, enable the Account-Wide Rights and Send On Behalf Of Rights (API) features for your account. This allows the other users in your account to send with DocuSign.

Q: Not all of my Microsoft Dynamics CRM users have DocuSign accounts. Can they still use DocuSign for Dynamics CRM?
A: Your Dynamics CRM users must be members of the DocuSign account specified in the DocuSign Config. When a Dynamics CRM user selects Sign or Get Signatures, the system checks to see if that user exists in the specified DocuSign account, using the user's Dynamics email address. If the user does not exist in the DocuSign account, they are directed to the account administrator for assistance.

Q: When I use the Search Recipients feature, why don't I get any results?
A: With an upgrade, to get the full functionality of the solution, open the DocuSign Admin, and follow the onscreen instructions to authorize access. 

Q: Will DocuSign for Dynamics CRM Online work with any display language? 
A: Yes. The DocuSign package supports all Dynamics display languages. The DocuSign package is English only, but your Dynamics display language can be set to any language. However, a Dynamics restriction requires that the Base Language for the Dynamics organization and the Personal Option Languages setting for the user installing the solution must be set to the same language. Otherwise, you may encounter issues installing DocuSign in your Dynamics organization.

Q: Does the integration work within Dynamics Business Units?
A: Yes. DocuSign for Dynamics supports Business Unit groups. Just be sure to install the solution at the top of the organization hierarchy, rather than at the Business Unit level. This structure ensures that the solution is accessible from all parts of your organization. Bear in mind that the system administrator installing and configuring it should be the system administrator of the top level business unit.

Q: Will this solution package work in Microsoft Dynamics on-premise?
A: DocuSign for Dynamics CRM Online supports Microsoft Dynamics Online instances only.