iFrame Embedded Session loads a blank


When launching an embedded signing or sending session within an iFrame, using a supported version  of Internet Explorer, the page loads blank, empty, or a message stating "your browser isn't supported" appears. 

blank screen and unsupported browser error in iframe


This is a known issue if you are running the current browser session in "Compatibility View." While you are using a supported version of Internet Explorer, your Document Mode may be running an unsupported version. Internet Explorer 11, for example, defaults to a Document Mode of IE5. 


  1. Disable Compatibility View for both your internal domain/website as well as DocuSign.
a. In Internet Explorer, click SettingsInternet Explorer Settings
b. Click Compatibility View Settings
c. In the list of Websites you've added to Compatibility View, highlight docusign.net and yourdomain.com, then click Remove
d. Deselect Display intranet sites in Compatibility View
e. Click Close
f. Reload the webpage
  1. Retain Compatibility View (i.e. if this is required for your business) but change the Document Mode to a supported version
a. In Internet Explorer, click F12 to open the F12 Developer Tools
b. Click Emulation
c. In the Document Mode drop-down menu, select 9 or higher (Edge is recommended)
d. Reload the webpage
Note: If your signing or sending session is launched via API, you may need to also generate the new token via your integration

change document mode


If modifying the compatibility view does not resolve this issue

Additional Notes

  • DocuSign does not recommend launching sessions within an iFrame, especially on mobile devices. Please consult the owner of your integration to find out if this is needed for your workflow.
  • Some of the above settings may be controlled by your internal IT department. If you are unable to follow these steps, please consult your internal IT team.


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