DocuSign Signature Appliance List of All Audit Log Events


DocuSign Signature Appliance


In v8, the DocuSign Signature Appliances provides an audit log which tracks events originating inside the Signature Appliance.


  • You need the Administrator version of the DocuSign Signature Appliance Client installed on a workstation;
  • You need administrator credentials for the DocuSign Signature Appliance.


To extract the Audit log for a specific appliance, please do the following;
  1. Log into the relevant Appliance via Appliances Management on the DocuSign Signature Appliance client;
  2. Choose All Tasks > Logs;
  3. Select Signature Appliance Audit Log and save it.


The following table describes each and every Event.
Event IDDescription
1Backup appliance
2Restart appliance
3Add alternate appliance
4Remove alternate appliance
5Reset alternate appliance
6Configure alternate appliance as master
7Remove publication from appliance
8Get install log
9Get debug log
10Get event log
11Get performance log
12Start performance monitor
13Stop performance monitor
14Set system parameter
15Upload DLM                                                                         
16Load SSL certificate
17Set CA parameters                                                                 
18Get CA parameters
19Load root CA chain
20Start full CA sync
21Start full users sync
22Start full users refresh
23Enforce users certificate refresh
24Enforce users certificate refresh success
25Enforce users certificate refresh failed
26Start sync task
27Get CRQ
28Start loading CRP
29Change password to user
30Reset user password counter
31Admin login
32Authentication failure
33Signing key revocation
34Signing key generation
35Signing key certificate upload
36Account activation
37Account already activated
38Change password
39Administrator enable user
40Administrator disable user
41Assign user to group
42Reset tamper
43Enroll CoSign user
44Renew CoSign user certificate
45Revoke CoSign user  
46User signed data
47Detect tamper
48Can't refresh certificate, CA about to expire
49Reached 90% of CoSign license limit
50License limit has been reached
51License is about to expire
52Appliance license is not present
53Appliance users amount passed the license limit
54License is expired
55An improper license mini-key is inserted
56Bound to new DC
57Full directory synchronization success
58Full directory synchronization failed
59Delete RSA key from pool failed
60License number of transactions exceed maximum
61Get console log
62Exceed maximum users for automatic refresh certificates
63Get network monitor log
64Start network monitor
65Get dump files

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