DocuSign CFR Part 11 Module - Features and Functions Not Available

Some features and functions from other DocuSign packages might not be available with the Part 11 module.

  • PowerForms
  • Free-Form sending and signing
  • In-Person sending and signing
  • Multi-recipient bulk send
  • Fax recipients
  • Change Signing Responsibility (Assign to Someone Else)
  • Document Markup and Field Collaboration
  • Allow sign on paper
  • Mobile application signing (Mobile web signing is available)
  • Embedded Signing through the DocuSign API
  • Destination URLs defined in Branding are not applied
  • Stamps (including a stamp in envelopes sent, results in errors for the signer)

Why do all signers have to have an account? Why do we check on send if all recipients have accounts?

Part 11 requires all signers to authenticate with username and password. If the user doesn't have a DocuSign account, then they have no username or password. 

Why are captive signers and embedded signing not allowed?

Part 11 requires (1) signers to authenticate with a username and password and (2) signers to enter their password prior to signing each signature tag. DocuSign embedded signing has no credentials of the signer. 

Why is faxing not allowed?

Part 11 requires users to authenticate prior to viewing documents. If a document is sent via fax, typically there is no username/password protection to get to those sheets of paper. 

Why are in-person signers not allowed?

Part 11 requires signers to authenticate with a username and password. In-person signers typically have hosts who turn their PC/Tablet, etc. over to the signer. There is no authentication via username and password as required by Part 11.

Why are PowerForms not allowed?

PowerForms allow users to send envelopes to themselves or others. PowerForms do not check if recipients have an account. For Part 11 every recipient needs to have an account.

Do account changes require an Account Change Request?

Yes, any account changes must be handled by a formal Account Change Request. The DocuSign account administrator should create a case on the Contact Support Page  to request any changes to their CFR Part 11 accounts.

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