DocuSign Rooms For Real Estate FAQ

General Questions 

1) What is the difference between DocuSign eSignature and DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate?
DocuSign eSignature and DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate are two separate applications. 
DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate is a Real Estate specific document management tool.

It allows Brokers and Agents to manage their transactions effectively through a connected experience. You can create and close transactions electronically within a Transaction Room. You can create a connected experience by inviting all the necessary participants, share out information and documents, as well as execute documents.

DocuSign eSignature provides the electronic signature technology.  Once you have setup both accounts, you can easily connect the two by entering your DocuSign credentials into your DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate account settings. This allows you to fully send and sign documents with electronic signature, right from your transactions in DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate. 
2) Do I use the same login credentials for both? 
Our One Login feature is currently available for all DocuSign for Realtors Plus, DocuSign for Real Estate Plus, DocuSign for Realtors, and DocuSign for Real Estate customers. If you are a Broker Edition customer, please work with your DocuSign Account Manager to discuss this feature. 
3) Is there a way to see if I am already activated?   
DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate:  
If you believe you are activated but cannot remember your login credentials, click "Forgot My Password".  If it says your email is not recognized in the system contact your DocuSign Account Manager, or our Support Team.
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4) Is there a way to share out documents with my whole Brokerage? 
Yes, you can set up a Shared Folder. Please note that this has to be setup on the platform - please contact your DocuSign Account Manager.

5) What is the maximum storage limit per account? 
100 GB; this is roughly over 150,000 documents based on our average. More storage is available for purchase if needed.

My Account Questions 

1) Who sees my Profile/Contact Information? 
Your Profile and Contact Information are visible to all members on your DocuSign Rooms for Real Estateaccount, as well as those invited into rooms that you are directly working with. 
2) Why are we receiving another email address/fax number? 
We provide a new inbound email and new fax, should you choose to use them. They allow you to direct documents and email conversations to your DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate account quickly and seamlessly. This keeps your documents organized and centrally located .
3) What is TRIBUS? 
TRIBUS is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system used by some Real Estate agencies.
4) Can I set up my Agents' Account Settings? 
No, each user will need to configure their own personal Account Settings (contact info, etc.).
5) Can my Agents share a DocuSign/zipForms account? 
No, each user will need to use their own zipForms/zipLogix account. You are unable to share login credentials.
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Network Questions 

1) Can I add people to my Network? 
No, your Network is like your digital ongoing rolodex. It displays a list of members of your Brokerage Account as well as any participants you've worked with in your Transactions. 
2) Can I remove people from my Network? 
You cannot remove someone directly from your Network, but if they are removed from all transaction rooms you are associated with then they will be taken off of your network. 

My Docs Questions 

1) Can everyone see the documents I upload? 
Your personal "My Docs" tab and "Inbox" tab are private (your eyes only).
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Documents within your Transactions, you can turn visibility on/off for collaborators you invite. Managers with access to your transaction rooms will be able to see the documents as well.

2) Is this where I store my DocuSign Templates? 
Since DocuSign and DocuSign Transaction Rooms are separate applications, the Templates will always remain in your DocuSign eSignature account. You can store the source document that makes up the Template in your "My Docs" tab, and from there you can copy and/or move it to the necessary Transaction Room and send it over as a DocuSign Envelope for electronic signature, at which point you can apply a Template as an overlay (bring in the data fields, etc.).
3) What's the difference between Copying a document and Moving a document? 
Copying a document will leave a version of the document in My Docs or your Inbox, while moving it will move the version completely to the Transaction Room, without leaving the original copy in your My Docs or Inbox. 
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  4) Can I edit the document once it's uploaded to My Docs? 
Once a document is uploaded to My Docs, the content on the form is not editable.  For PDFs, we do have a built in .pdf editing tool that allows you to split or combine .pdf files easily.

Inbox Questions

1) Where can I find my DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate email address?

On the Inbox Details page, you can customize your DocuSign-provided inbound email address and, if you haven't already done so, request an inbound fax number.

2) I like to keep track of my communication in my email threads. Can I have that sent directly to my Transaction Room Account?
You can create a PDF file of your email correspondence by including “#PDF” in the email subject line.

3) Can anyone send emails to my Inbox? 
Anyone who has access to the email address may send over attachments and/or create a PDF of their email correspondence (by adding “#PDF” to the subject).  

4) Can I customize my Fax Number?
Though you cannot create your own fax number, DocuSign Support can reassign you a fax number with a preferred area code (if available).

Dashboard Questions 

1) Can I export the Brokerage information into a CSV/XML file? 
The information from the Brokerage Tab cannot be exported into a CSV/XML file. 

2) What does the notification by Dashboard reflect?
It reflects how many tasks are Past Due.

Room Questions 

1) Differences between the Active, Review, and Closed Transactions
Active: Transactions that are being built.
Review: Transactions that have been submitted for review (only once the full transaction has been submitted for review, not a task).

Closed: Transactions that have been fully reviewed, approved, and Closed. Once a deal is moved to the Closed section, it cannot be moved back to Active or Review, thus making it a finalized deal.  Agents and Managers can always return to review/download the history, documents, etc. 
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2) What's visible to who in the Transaction Room? 
Anyone above you in the Hierarchy will have visibility in to your Transaction Room and Documents added to the Transaction Room (i.e. a Regional Manager will see all of its Office's transactions as well as the Agents within the Office.
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3) Can any participant in a Transaction see the Documents I add? 
Only users above you in the Hierarchy will have automatically have visibility. Depending on your Company settings, users with the same access level may or may not automatically see the documents. Outside participants will always have to be manually granted access.  
4) Can any participant in a Transaction Room invite another participant? 
Yes, any participant has the ability to invite another participant.   
5) Can you use templates when sending out an Envelope? 
Yes, you can use a template when sending an Envelope from Transaction Room. You won't be able to apply the template until you get to the DocuSign Envelope screen.
6) Can I configure the "Roles" for a Transaction Room Participant? 
Currently the Roles are not configurable.  
7) Can I configure the Details tab? 
Currently, only admins can configure the information on the details tab.
8) Who can approve Rooms / Tasks? 
Manager level users are the only members who can approve a Transaction Room / Task.