CoSign Client Issue with SHA-2 Code Signing Support


CoSign client v8.0.0.4 when installed on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2


This will impact your ability to apply a signature in Microsoft Office in addition to impacting some of the features on the CoSign Control Panel.


  1. The “Logoff” button the CoSign control panel does not work.
  2. If you choose the “Graphical Signatures” option on the CoSign Control panel, you will receive the following error:
 User-added image
  1. When you attempt to sign in Microsoft Office, you receive “Operation failure”. 


A patch which enables SHA-2 code signing support has not been installed on the impacted computer. 
The issue will be resolved once the installed the patch is installed (See

Thank you,
The DocuSign Signature Appliance Group at DocuSign support

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