Account IP Address Restricted - Managing Trusted IP Addresses


Error: Account IP (Internet Protocol) Address Restricted
Your account administrator has restricted access to specific internet locations. You are not allowed to access this account from your current location.
IP restriction error screenshot


An account administrator has set IP address restrictions for this account.


You will need to log in from an allowed network, or contact an Account Administrator to have your IP address added to the trusted sites list.


New DocuSign Experience - How do I add an IP address to the Trusted IP list?

You will be unable to do so. In order to modify your trusted IP addresses, you will need to open a case with DocuSign Support. When opening the case please include the full semicolon-separated list of desired IP addresses - both present and new additions.

An Account Change Request will be filed and once it has been signed the change will be implemented.

Classic DocuSign Experience - How do I add an IP address to the Trusted IP list?

Trusted IP ranges can only be managed in the Classic experience:
This control is located in Preferences > Features > Trusted IP addresses

If the Trusted IP Addresses panel is empty, no restriction will be used.
If anything is saved in that panel, no user will be able to log in except from listed IP addresses.

Resource: Features - Advanced Options - Classic DocuSign Experience