DocuSign eSignature - eLearning Self Paced Courses for Signers, Senders, and Admins

DocuSign Signing, Sending, and Administration Courses

A team with the proper training, resources, and skills is critical for a pathway to success. DocuSign University offers topic-based, bite-sized courses for the Signer, Sender, and Admin which are typically between 5-20 minutes in length and grouped in such a way that you can get just what you need quickly. Complete the full learning plans below or select the topics that best support your learning needs. 

This learning plan features on-demand, self-paced training courses covering: basic and advanced signing features, envelope management, authentication methods, and other signing actions.

Topics include: using signing fields (signature and initial fields, approve and decline fields, radio buttons and checkboxes, payment fields...), using DocuSign Comments and DocuSign Identify (SMS, phone and Knowledge-Based authentication, DocuSign ID Verification), using signing actions (finishing later, declining to sign, printing and signing, changing signing responsibility, document markup) and managing envelopes.

This learning plan features on-demand, self-paced training courses covering: sending, managing an envelope, using a template, updating your profile settings as well as understanding security and authentication, advanced sending options, reporting, and additional recipient actions.

Topics include: DocuSign account tour, sending envelopes (adding documents, recipients, recipient messaging, advanced options and fields), using DocuSign templates, managing in-process envelopes (resending, correcting, creating a copy and voiding envelopes), managing envelopes as a sender, updating your profile settings, sending envelopes in bulk, using PowerForms, using DocuSign fields and creating custom fields, using Comments, the Print Driver and Reporting. This learning plan features on-demand, self-paced training courses covering: Account and group management, bulk processes, branding, reporting, integrations, and security.

Topics include: configuring your account settings, managing users, permission profiles and user groups, adding and updating users in bulk, branding your DocuSign account, configuring recipient signing and sending settings, configuring document signing and sending settings, using auditing and reporting tools, sharing users envelopes, configuring recipient authentication, security settings and admin integrations.

DocuSign University is also regularly adding new topics to the Learning Lab series so that you have even more opportunities to get hands-on with DocuSign in the convenience of a virtual classroom. You can sign up for the 60-minute complimentary workshops by logging into the DocuSign University Learning Portal and filtering on “Webinar” in your catalog.
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