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DocuSign Signer
DocuSign Signers receive DocuSign envelopes for signature. Signers open an envelope, authenticate, provide information requested and electronically or digitally sign the documents. Signers can also view and manage signed envelopes within their DocuSign account.
  • Self-paced Signer curriculum
  • Instructor-led workshops
DocuSign Developer
DocuSign Developers design and manage API integrations that enable DocuSign electronic signing and workflow management. Developers code electronic signature requests, automate forms, track documents in real-time, enforce multi-factor authentication, and electronically sign documents through an app.
  • Self-paced Developer curriculum
  • Instructor-led workshops
DocuSign Sender
DocuSign Senders prepare and send DocuSign envelopes for signature. Senders determine envelope requirements and workflow management. Senders also manage the processing of a DocuSign envelope.
  • Self-paced Sender curriculum
  • Instructor-led workshops
DocuSign Business Champion
DocuSign Business Champions establish a vision and enable teams to transform business processes into effective and efficient digital business workflows.
DocuSign Administrator
DocuSign Admins establish and manage a DocuSign account used by DocuSign Signers and Senders. Admins manage account provisioning, software integrations, customizations, and overall account settings.
  • Self-paced Administrator curriculum
  • Instructor-led workshops
  • Instructor-led Administrator Certification
  • Email for custom enterprise engagements.
DocuSign Project Manager
DocuSign Project Managers plan and manage projects to transform business processes into effective and efficient digital business workflows. 
DocuSign for Salesforce Administrator
DocuSign Salesforce Admins establish and manage a DocuSign account integration with Salesforce. Admins manage account provisioning, data transfers, and customizations.
  • Self-paced DocuSign for Salesforce Administrator curriculum
  • Instructor-led workshops
  • Instructor-led DocuSign for Salesforce Administrator Certification
DocuSign Partner
The DocuSign Partner brings their unique perspective and ability to create real value for DocuSign customers.  Partners understand the DocuSign product and have a wealth of knowledge specific to their target areas and or products.
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