Preventing users form Adding Recipients



I'm using DocuSign for Salesforce and I'm having troubles with the process as many users are clicking on 'Add Recipients' and envelopes are then not completed as they should. Is there any way of preventing this button to be clicked??

Thanks in advance 

Optional fields but required to read?

Hi there! Is there a way to have optional fields but make them required to read when requesting signatures? Currently, the optional fields get skipped over the mutiple signatures; we need the client to read these. 


Sending a template from the API with multiple recipients

We're trying to integrate with DocuSign (REST API) in a way that we send out documents to suppliers that we prepopulate with the suppliers' details and then get them to sign. From the API documentation and the tests we've done so far, it seems the only way to do this is to create the list of recipients (via roles) in the template itself.
However, what we would need is an automated way of being able to set the recipient (supplier) details from the API and send out the template to them without predefining them in DocuSign. 
Is this possible via the API or do we need to bulk upload all suppliers into DocuSign first? 

The bottom line is that we need a way to send templates similarly to documents with the ability to prepopulate the fields first.

Currently, we try to do this with the following payload:


    "accountId": "xxxxxxx",

    "emailSubject": "Your document to sign",

    "templateId": "90e4e5b3-8348-42da-a6a6-bcc7df0b05a2",

    "templateRoles": [{

        "email": "test@test.com",

            "name": "Tester",

            "roleName": "Supplier",

            "tabs": {

                "textTabs": [


                        "tabLabel": "DateSigned",

                        "value": "07/12/17"



                        "tabLabel": "SupplierName",

                        "value": "Test Supplier"



                        "tabLabel": "RegisteredAddress",

                        "value": "London"



                        "tabLabel": "VatNumber",

                        "value": "[Vat No. 00011111]"



                        "tabLabel": "SupplierCompany",

                        "value": "ACME Times"





    "status": "sent"


However, if the email and name don't match any of the roles assigned, the document gets delivered twice, both with empty fields.

Any help or suggestion would be useful.

ID Authentication failure

If I send an envelope to 2 or more signers using Lexis Nexis for authentication and any one of the recipients fail authentication, does the entire envelope need to be resent to all recipients

PowerForms Email Validation - Second Signer

We have a PowerForms template built in the NE with two signers.  We have the email validation on, but it is only validating the first signer's email.  The second signer is able to access and sign the form with no email validation.  How can I change this so that both signers are required to validate?