"Combined PDF" function not available to all users

We regularly use the download "Combined PDF" function.  However, for some of our users, this option is no longer available, and instead, the best they can do now is download a .ZIP file that includes all the files (Certificate of completion + other documents) in one Zip file.  What happened?  How do we get back "Combined PDF"

scheduling envelope for later date

Can I schedule a future date to send a document for signature?

I can't drag/drop fields into my document

I have had this problem for weeks. When I create a template, then upload a document, then get to the page where I drag/drop fields from the left-hand sidebar onto the document, it won't work! Dragging/dropping simply will not work. I click/hold the cursor over the field on the left, and when I drag it to the document, nothing happens! It doesn't even drag anything at all. What's going on?! I've tried this on multiple laptops, and multiple browsers on each laptop. The issue still persists. What's the problem?!

Change Default Font

Is there a way to set a different default font? I am tired of having to change every single data field and pre-built field to match the font I want and that we use on our pdfs. 

Data fields not populating with bulk send


I'm trying to test a bulk upload file which is quite big (approx. 30 fields). The file uploads fine with no errors, and I've checked that the column headers match the names of the fields. For some reason, when I send the documents the data either doesn't populate or populates in the wrong field, usually a field or two above where it should be.

I'm wracking my brains as to how to fix this so any help would be greatly appreciated!