Conditional Signature based on Radio button selection

I have a radio button group for amount. If the amount selected is 250k, then I need to get an additional signature.  If the other amount is selected, then I don't need the additional signature.  How do I do this in DocuSign?

Integration to Vtiger CRM


i am on a 30 day trial account with docusign.

Is Vtiger intergration still supported as a CRM?

I find the info from VTiger however no supporting information from Docusign


Kind regards



Is it possible to have a surrogate signature request

My situation is as follows:

Imagine you need a signature from your boss, but they are on vacation.  Is there a way to request a signature that can be signed by either your boss or your boss's boss and the envelope will be considered complete?  Meaning one signature is required from either of the two users.


Change Default Font

Is there a way to set a different default font? I am tired of having to change every single data field and pre-built field to match the font I want and that we use on our pdfs. 

Support Phone number?

I need to talk to someone at docusign's customer service please. What is the number?