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Review document before asking an external signer to sign


I want a collegue within my company to review a document that I am planning to send out to an external party. I want him to receive a copy, and approve prior to me creating the envelop to send.

Is this doable within DocuSign workflow, or should I do the review outside DocuSign workflow?



Can I update a document (text) without having to redo signatures ?

Same document, just updated text. Same requirements for initials and signatures.   How can I update without having to redo all the signature locations ?

Can the expiry date on a voided envelope be revised?

Hello,  I have one signatory who did not sign and the document was voided due to expiry date.  Is it possible for me to revise the expiry date on a voided document?  

Is It Possible to Bulk Download Signed Documents?


I want to download all the signed documents from my DocuSign Account. Is there any way to bulk download?

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Remove DocuSign Envelope ID

How do I remove the DocuSign ID that is posted at the top of all documents?

I can see many help articles for the old experience, but can't see anything for the current experience.