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Post ad document online for signature

Good morning,


We have a document that we would like to post on our website, so customers can either complete online, or download, complete and return to us.  It is a 50 page document requiring signatures in multiple places within the document.  What is the best way to do that using DocuSign?



Enchancement Requests!!

What's the best way to suggest enhancements/modifications to DocuSign? After having a great time at the Momentum Conference where people were taking lots of notes on suggestions for improvements, I realized that there isn't a clean way to go about it online. Sure you can submit a request to you Account rep, you can post to the Community, or you can open a new Support case. But none of these are really the best method. Community Thoughts on a better way? Any Enhancements that you'd like to add to DocuSign?

Allow a single point of contact to reassign forms for signatures

I'd like to be able to send an envelope containing 5 documents to a single point of contact and let the point of contact reassign the forms individually to people within their organization for signatures. Is this possible?

For example, the workflow might be:

Send envelope containing 5 documents to be signed to a single contact

The contact would then identify the correct recipients for each form in their organization and reassign each form to the correct recipient.

Each new recipient would receive the envelope with their assigned document to be signed. It's ok if they see all the documents in the envelope.


Let me know if more details are needed.



Downloading DocuSing for SharePoint


is it possible to download a trial version of the DocuSign Connector for SharePoint 2013 with a free account?

If yes, can you provide a direct link to the setup file?


Thank you.



Using a third-party digital certificate for signing

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if the docusign workflow provides the option of using a digital certificate released from a third-party CA, instead of the one issued by DocuSign Inc., before enabling the signing process.

Customer requirements is using DocuSign SharePoint Connector, and realizing a custom signing workflow under SharePoint 2013 platform.


Thank you.