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Allow a single point of contact to reassign forms for signatures

I'd like to be able to send an envelope containing 5 documents to a single point of contact and let the point of contact reassign the forms individually to people within their organization for signatures. Is this possible?

For example, the workflow might be:

Send envelope containing 5 documents to be signed to a single contact

The contact would then identify the correct recipients for each form in their organization and reassign each form to the correct recipient.

Each new recipient would receive the envelope with their assigned document to be signed. It's ok if they see all the documents in the envelope.


Let me know if more details are needed.



Any Tips for Uploading Documents?


I am new to DocuSign and sometimes when I upload files

  • I receive the error message “cannot be converted to .PDF” 
  • my web browser timesout and takes me back to the login screen
  • I'm missing data from a fillable .PDF after I upload  

Does anyone have any Tips to prevent these issues?


Template Library: W-4 & I-9 Forms

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2 signatures 1 email address

How do I handle signatures when husband and wife only have one email address.

How do you send back & return the documents to the sender?

How to you return the form to the company to which you are making application?

I see no button for "finished" or "complete" at the end of filling out all the forms.  I also see no button or mechanism to select

return or forward to Schumacher.