Signer's reason for declining should be emailed to all previous signers

Is there a feature request in place to update all previous signers (not just the sender) with the reason why a document was declined by a later signer?

Prevous signers can go look at the Certificate of Completion to see why a later signer declined to sign (if the later signer entered a reason), and the sender receives the reason in email from DocuSign about the declining action, but other signers have to go out of their way to look this up in the Certificate of Completion.

Since this information is available but tedious to acquire, it would seem more efficient if the previous signers were informed as to why the later signer declined.

For a remote signing experience, can i turn off the expiration email?

One of my client applications wants to know if i can turn off the expiration email from being sent to the signer.  Is this possible?

How to view documents other users have sent

As the DocuSign administrator, how do I review the documents sent by my users? we are experiencing issues of not seeing signatures, and I need to determine the cause.

Is it possible to have a Powerform only allow entry of one signer without locking the other?


Is there any way to restrict the powerform to only allow entry of details for one of two signers? (without "locking" the second signer as we need to change that signer later)



We have a DocuSign template that we make accessible via public website for clients to sign. The template has two signers, the client, then one of our employees. We don't know in advance which employee is going to need to be the second signer.

We are using a powerform to allow clients to initiate these documents however we only want them to enter name and email for tthemselves. Then, from our system, we would then like employees to be able to claim the pending documents for clients they are working with and have it modify the second signer to set it to their contact information.

I have found that if I set name/email on the second signer from the template it will prepopulate but still allow the powerform filler to change that recipient. If I set the advanced setting "Don’t allow senders to edit recipient" the powerform is then correct but it appears that we cannot programmatically change that second recipient.



Conditionally sending to a recipient or excluding a recipient if not required

I need to create a template which depending upon the answers provided by the initial recipient/sender/signer will only require signature by our CEO if certain conditions apply.

So the idea is that for approval of expenditure below a certain value and against budget the signatures of the divisional exec and the finance exec are required.  However, if exppenditure is above that value or was not budgeted for, then the approval of the CEO is required.

I understand how to set up the logic and triggers on the tags but I cannot see how to set up the condition to hide/remove the CEO as a recipient if their signature is not required. 

Has anyone worked a way of doing this?