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Any Tips for Uploading Documents?


I am new to DocuSign and sometimes when I upload files

  • I receive the error message “cannot be converted to .PDF” 
  • my web browser timesout and takes me back to the login screen
  • I'm missing data from a fillable .PDF after I upload  

Does anyone have any Tips to prevent these issues?


Template Library: W-4 & I-9 Forms

User-added image


2 signatures 1 email address

How do I handle signatures when husband and wife only have one email address.

How do you send back & return the documents to the sender?

How to you return the form to the company to which you are making application?

I see no button for "finished" or "complete" at the end of filling out all the forms.  I also see no button or mechanism to select

return or forward to Schumacher.

Enchancement Requests!!

What's the best way to suggest enhancements/modifications to DocuSign? After having a great time at the Momentum Conference where people were taking lots of notes on suggestions for improvements, I realized that there isn't a clean way to go about it online. Sure you can submit a request to you Account rep, you can post to the Community, or you can open a new Support case. But none of these are really the best method. Community Thoughts on a better way? Any Enhancements that you'd like to add to DocuSign?