Admin shared access to ohter user completed envelopes

As the administrator, is it possible to access completed envelopes within the account that others in the company sent?

remove docusign box around signature

Is there any way you can get the signature back from being signed without the docusign box around it?

Tags are too small

When I try to use the function to have the client sign the document...it is TINY? What happened? I also want to add text...but the text box is also Tiny and I can't type any text into the box??

How to Remove recipient from the docusign

Hi All

I have one requirement like I have sent the docusign document to 3 person to sign, If 2 person are sign the document 1 person did not sign the document. I need the document as attachment with 2 person sign. If anyone know please let me know.

Security questions

Hi - am a relatively new user of Docusign and find the service very efficient. Am trying to use as widely as possible however we seem to get push back from some while others are very happy to use. The following points were recieved recently and if anyone has good answers/comments on the questions would be appreciated:

·         Fraud – It can be easy for someone to steal an image file or make their own copy, and pretend to be the signatory. E-mail messages can also be intercepted and it is easy to tamper with an electronic document without leaving any traces behind.

·         Confidentiality – Most electronic signature software stores the documents executed on an external system. Confidential information would then be accessible to an external third party.

·         Lack of Legal Certainty – The validity of electronic signatures vary depending upon the type of document signed and its corresponding governing law. As such, we would need to undertake an analysis as to whether the electronic signature is valid each time we execute a document.