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Template Library: W-4 & I-9 Forms

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2 signatures 1 email address

How do I handle signatures when husband and wife only have one email address.

How do you return the documents to the sender?

How to you return the form to the company to which you are making application?

I see no button for "finished" or "complete" at the end of filling out all the forms.  I also see no button or mechanism to select

return or forward to Schumacher.

Enchancement Requests!!

What's the best way to suggest enhancements/modifications to DocuSign? After having a great time at the Momentum Conference where people were taking lots of notes on suggestions for improvements, I realized that there isn't a clean way to go about it online. Sure you can submit a request to you Account rep, you can post to the Community, or you can open a new Support case. But none of these are really the best method. Community Thoughts on a better way? Any Enhancements that you'd like to add to DocuSign?

How do I print forum discussions?

How do I print forum discussions?