**Legacy** DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce - How do I troubleshoot issues with DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce configurations settings?

What is it & what does it do?

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DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce version 7.0 no longer shows the DocuSign Account Configuration object for keeping account settings. It still exists but it's no longer accessible, this is for security reasons. Prior to 7.0 a common troubleshooting step for issues with DocuSign integration settings was to try deleting the current account configuration record, since this is not currently possible we now have a hidden page we can go to for doing the same thing with the click of a button.

How to find it

You can replace everything in the main URL after 'salesforce.com/' with 'apex/dsfs__Troubleshooting'.
For Example:

  1. Navigate to https://mydomain.my.salesforce.com/home/home.jsp 
  2. Remove 'home/home.jsp'
  3. Add  'apex/dsfs__Troubleshooting' (note the 2 underscores)


Delete DocuSign Credentials: Use when something seems to be wrong with your DocuSign Admin page. It will clear the account configuration settings (same affect as these steps: How to reconfigure DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce after a Sandbox Refresh by deleting existing DocuSignAccountConfigurations) . Important: this will remove custom settings: custom email messages, authenticating user, and custom default role names, and other various custom settings.

Migrate Account Settings: Use for issues after upgrading that may be due to remnants of older versions and settings. This may show several [SKIPPED] messages, this is expected. 

For example: You may see this, if there is nothing to migrate
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Force Sync Users: this will sync the DocuSign Username field on all of your user records with our hidden DocuSign Username field, which is the true field we use to map their Salesforce user to their DocuSign user. Ensure that all of your DocuSign users have a valid DocuSign Username filled in on their visible user record prior to syncing.

This is useful for the following scenarios:
  • Users are receiving the error similar to 'Please ensure you've been granted access to DocuSign'
  • User envelopes are sending from the wrong user, make sure you add in the correct DocuSign API UserId, found in the DocuSign Admin page
  • If you are unable to add a user in the DocuSign Admin tab in Salesforce, try manually inputting their DocuSign API UserId into the DocuSign Username field on their Salesforce user record and sync

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